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Watch Over My Life

by Popcaan

Watch Over My Life lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Long time wi fi talk dem ting yah enuh tuff tuff (We should of talked these things a long time ago, you know tuff tuff) Yeah man, a tuff ting, product a di ghetto enuh, str88 (Yeah man, it's a tough thing, product of the ghetto you know, straight)

[Verse 1] Hey, tiad fi people judge wi (Hey, tired of people judging us) Support di ghetto yute sometime, that's lovely (Support the ghetto youth sometimes, that's lovely) Man neva born inna luxury (I wasn't born in luxury) Nowadays it haad fi decide who luv mi (Nowadays it's hard to decide who loves me) Gi dem every, dem luv si (Give them everything, they love seeing that) If yuh nuh gi dem one day, face ugly (If you don't give them one day, they frown) Dem road yah suh daak and rocky (These road here are so dark and rocky) Mi nuh truss you if yuh nuh truss mi (I don't trust you if you don't trust me) hmmm Mi psalms dem always load up (My psalms are always loaded up) Fi di monsta dem weh ah Satan product (For the monsters that are Satan's product) Mi pray to di most high, most high yeah (I pray to the most high, most high yeah) Pray to di most high, most high yeah (Pray to the most high, most high yeah)

[Chorus] Oh god watch ova I life (watch over high yuh nuh) (Oh god watch over my life (watch over I you know)) Holy Immanuel high, Selassie I Caw di system nuh care fi wi young child (Because the system don't care for us young child) Dem brand wi badman lifestyle (They branded us for a gangster's lifestyle) Who a guh save dem from rapist weh done spoil (Who's going to save them from rapist that's already spoiled) God a Selassie I (God is Selassie I)

[Verse 2] Tiad fi bomb a drop like navy (Tired of bombs dropping like navy) Baby still a hav baby (Babies still having babies) Nuff yute still a live inna slavery (A lot of youths are still living in slavery) Mentally challenge behaving shaky (Mentally challenged behaving unstable) Mentally exhausted daily Subjects weh wi get a skool still fail wi (Subjects that we got in school still fail us) Nuff ah wi ah music save wi (A lot of us, it's music that save us) Othawise wi run like Alain Bailey (Otherwise we run like Alain Bailey) Sum a dem is physically challenge (Some of them are physically challenge) Is like dem brain cell damage (It's like their brain cells are damage) Di system design bai robbaz and teif (The system designs a lot of robbers and thieves) caw nuh bady nuh waah plant cabbage (Because no one wants to plant cabbage) Bai teenager a tun savage (A lot of teenagers are turning savages) Seh dem luv watch di news wen Dorraine count body (Say they love watching the news when Dorraine counts bodies) Mi psalms dem married, mi learn dat a street side college (My psalms are married, I learnt that at street side college)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Mi pray to di most high, most high yeah (I pray to the most high, most high yeah) Pray to di most high, most high yeah (Pray to the most high, most high yeah) Good behaving yute weh pass him exam (Good behaving youth that passed his exam ) End up with a long life sentence (Ended up with a long life sentence) Every day dem a walk with M1 (Every day they're walking with M1s) Yet still dem fraid a di Jail house entrance (Yet they're afraid of the Jail house's entrance) Every day inna di ghetto is a quarrel (Every day in the ghetto is a quarrel) Sometime man wah run guh brazil (Sometimes I want to run and go to Brazil) Mi mada tell me shi doah wah guh eh (My mother told me she doesn't want to go there) Give yuh life to di lord, Andre and ?? (Give your life to the lord, Andre and ??) So much a mi thugs dem gaan, man a rebel (So much of my thugs are gone, I'm rebelling) Too bad dis tings caw wash with towel (Too bad these things can't be washed off with a towel) Careful a sum demon gyal wen yuh guh bed (Careful of some demon girls when you go to bed) Dem will trick yuh up like Skatta Burrell (They will trick you up like Skatta Burrell) Oh god watch ova I life (watch over I yuh nuh) (Oh god watch over my life (watch over I you know))

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