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by Shenseea

Anonymous lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Shenseea, A who yuh deh wid mek tings a gwaan fi yuh suh A wah yah duh, girl Mi hear seh anuh you write yuh song dem And yuh cyaah record dem with dah voice deh Yet yuh luk suh, mi cyaah badda

[Chorus] People talk but they don't know They talk but they don't know They talk but they don't know People talk but they don't know

[Verse 1] Shape gud, pretty face But yuh will neva know wah mi face And if mi tell yu, yuh aguh feel it gi yuh authority Fi cum try and step out a yuh place Wid mi, suh mi wul mi own, suh nuh bady cyaah blackmail or disgrace Anuh fastest, a di strongest, who can endure a guh fit fi di race Yow, my life anuh your life suh nuh badda try come even judge me Low mi mek mi plant mi seed, fi reap success fi myself And fi mi damn pickney Trust who? Yuh cyaah trick mi Try defeat, cyaah stop mi All wen mi blind, mi a si di victory Head mad like a time bomb, try tick mi

[Pre-Chorus] Anonymous, yuh nuh know mi Yuh will neva eva eva know mi Face paint picture but songs write di story Who undastand, only gad bi di glory Seh mi bad, mi nuh bad yet, Yuh nuh si half a di road mi aguh trod yet Rumours, negative talk, bullshit, flush dat dung di toilet Cause

[Chorus 2] People talk but they don't know (dem badmind) They talk but they don't know (judgmental) They talk but they don't know People talk but they don't know (Repeat)

[Verse 2] Lie to mi face, like the devil Wen mi cuss, dem seh mi miserable Tell dis, sumady hav sum'n fi seh Fi try mek yuh life well irritable Tings weh get talk, it unforgettable Cyaah wash mi dung, mi nuh fresh vegetable Born as a rebel, me mek fi dis, me nuh vunerable A betta life, dat a mi destiny, Sufferation, dat neva mek fi mi Most a who mek it, fight di young ones, Figet life hard, that mi get fi si From yuh badmind, drop a sleep like a yuh bed time Stand behind or guh join di nest line Anuh your time, but now a mine

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Mi nah stop try (x2) nah stop try (x2) All wen mi high, mi nah stop fly nah stop fly Mi si yuh a duh yuh ting, mek dem talk Guh tru Shenseea

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