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by Aidonia

Banga lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Dem coward like dog (They're coward like dogs) Neva yet get a charge (Have never gotten a charge) Suh how yuh bad? Suh how yuh bad? (So how are you bad? So how are you bad?) Dem only bad fi mek call, fi mek phone call (They're only bad in making calls, to make phone calls) And yuh nuh have nuh heart fi do it none at all (And you don't have any heart to do it, none at all) A nuh Genna, Genna that (That's not Genna)

[Chorus] Genna, head banga, man a banga, man a banga Head banga, man a banga, man a banga Roll dawg, load up the bomber Fire shot, nuff gun powder yuh swallow (Fire a shot, a lot of gun powder you swallow) Head banga, man a banga, man a banga Head banga, man a banga, man a banga Pull up pon yuh block, hey, crowd haffi scatta (Pull up on your block, hey, crowd has to scatter) Choppa pon di window, yuh know man a - (Chopper on the window, you know I'm a)

[Verse 1] We nuh listen when chatty mouth chat (We don't listen when a chatterbox talks) Mi saw off shotgun, the shotty mouth chop (My saw off shotgun, the shot gun mouth chop) Just, plat up yuh head, shot a chop it out back (Just plat your head, shot is chopping it out back) Badman nuh tek style dawg, yuh haffi know that (Gangsters don't get played, you must know that) Could a one pop, board strap or a loud Glock (bang!) Drive pass police when dem drop the roadblock (Drive pass police when they drop the roadblock) Hey, the banga with the thing the hammer me hold back Buss your head and traffic out back, Probox, hmm-mmm Dawg, watch who yuh follow backa (Dog, watch who you follow behind) Wen mi run up 'pon yuh, everybody swallow copper (When I run up on you, everybody swallows copper) Zambrata, buss one inna your damn bladder (Zambrata, buss one in your damn blasser) Yuh see the Genna dem, nuh diss none a mi damn brodda (Do you see the Gennas, don't diss none of my damn brothers) Govie, send Black Boss fi the chopper, chopper (Govie, send Black Boss for the chopper, chopper) Fully auto, squeeze, ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga Teddy know Ky-mani a di top shatta (Teddy know Ky-mani is the top shotter) And Jamaica know seh the Genna a the banga (And Jamaica knows that the Genna is the banger)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Huh, pull up, car tire marks Jump out, nah laugh with the thing inna me hand (Jump out, not laughing with the thing in my hand) Mi ketch di p**sy pon the wall, him a try hop off (I caught the p**sy on the wall, he's trying to hop off) Dawg, couldn't get fi move enuh (Dog, couldn't get to move, you know) Mi mek it slam inna your chest when the fire cross (I made it slam in your chest when the fire cross) A fat gyal bawl out "murder" (A fat girl bawled out "murder") Sh*t inna yuh draws like diapers (Sh*t in your drawers like diapers) Dem a coward, Khalif more braver than dem (They're cowards, Khalif is more braver than them) Dem coward like dog (They're cowards like dog) Bwoy mi heart colda than popsicle (Boy, my heart's colder than popsicle) Kill dem middle day mek people see it (Kill them in the middle day, let people see it) And use dem phone and snap picture (And use their phones and snap pictures) Killa dem nuffa than Portmore mosquito (Killers are plentiful, more than Portmore mosquitos) Send bwoy go burial ground, nuh hospital (Send boy go to burial ground, no hospital) Man drive tint up Axio (I drive a tinted Axio) P**sy, yuh a get it, mi say anyweh man see yuh (P**sy, you're getting it, anywhere I see) 'Cause (Because)

(Repeat Chorus)

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