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Beat & Teach

by Mavado

Beat & Teach lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] We done kill them already (We've already killed them) Get back to the money (Got back to the money) All them preach and priest (Though they're preaching) Step ova deh go beat and teach (I stepped over there to beat and teach) Dem a drive by and all now them cyaa reach (They're driving by but still can't each) Gwaan back a fi grand mother creach, Gaza (Go back for grandmas creach, Gaza )

[Verse 1] Dem a p**sy pon the streets (They're p**sies on the street) And me see it (And I see it) Guh ova deh go beat and teach (Go over there to beat and teach) Man drive with the AK pon di car seat (I drive with the AK on the car seat) Left boy mouth full a concrete (Left a boy mouth filled with concrete) Gully side fight fi years (Gully side fight for years) Dem done see it (They've already seen it) Dem boy deh couldn't last one week (Those boys couldn't last one week) From dem f**k with the family (If they f**ked with the family) Somebody haffi weep (Someone have to weep) Same suh me see it (I've seen it the same way)

[Chorus 1] Beat, Beat and teach Suh beat and teach (So beat and teach) Suh beat and teach (So beat and teach) Beat and teach, beat and teach Cassava Piece beat and teach Beat and teach Yeah Beat and teach Yeah Beat and teach Step Ova deh mek everybody see (Step over there so everyone can see) Just fi go beat and teach (Just to go beat and teach)

[Verse 2] We nuh put boy inna them place (We don't put boy in their place) We tek them out a dat (We take them out of that) Dem nuh have nuh action inna dem finger (They don't have any action in their fingers) A just them mouth a chat (They're just talking) Me lip seal what a fireball (My lips are sealed, what a fireball) Suh from them walk inna the war (So if they want to walk in the war) A dem duppy bat fly out (A bat has flown out) Nuh cry to fi yuh son (Don't cry for your son) Just start cry down a meadow rest (Just cry at meadow rest) A deh so every dead a rest (That's where every dead is resting) Jungle clip them wing (Jungle clipped their wing) And left them featherless Sista left breddaless (Sister left brother less) Get them self inna hot water (Get themselves in hot water) And a nuh pot water (And it's not pot water) From them diss dem dead same time (If they diss, they're dying the same time) Not after Wah do dah bloodclaat knockoff ya (What's wrong with this f**king knockoff) Yuh si a muss the earth dem wah drop off a (They must want to drop off the earth) The don't wah war them think it ova (They don't want war, they thought it over) Them skin lef them bone flip ova (Their skin left their bone, flip over) The first 24 hour them froth like soda (The first 24 hour they're frothing like soda) You see seh them a paper soldier (Do you see, they're paper soldier)

[Chorus 2] Beat and teach (x5) Beat and what a bomboclaat (Beat and what a f**king) Beat and teach (x4) Me seh me beat and teach ( I said I beat and teach)

[Verse 3] Woii Gangstas kill them already (Gangstas have already killed them) Get back to me money (Got back to my money) Them boy deh nuh ready (Those boys are not ready) Mi bad anytime ask them (I'm bad anytime, ask them) A lost man a lost them (I'm losing them) Yuh see weh that a cost them (You saw what that cause them) If them nuh bad inna real life (If they're not bad in real life) Them cyaa be the boss then (They can't be the boss then) Them p**syhole deh cyaa be the boss (Those motherf**kers can't be the boss)

[Chorus 1] Beat and teach Grants Pen Beat and teach Cassava Piece Beat and teach Beat and teach, Beat and teach Tower Hill Beat and teach Beat and Teach, Beat and teach Waterhouse Beat and teach Beat and teach, Beat and teach Junglist Beat and teach

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