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Bike Back

by Charly Black

Bike Back lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Ladies Place your hands on your knees Now sink in yuh back( yuh deaf) (Now brace in your back, are you deaf) Tek yuh time and look pan di man weh yuh a whine pan (Take your time and look on the man that you’re whining on) Yuh ready? (Are you ready?) Come

[Chorus] C–k up yuh big bumpa pon the bike back (Hoist up your big butt on the bike back) Bumpa ready fi the RR bike back (Butt is ready for the RR bike back) Si di john crow deh, yuh can ride that (There is the john crow, you can ride that) Yuh like that, the bike back (Do you like that, the bike back) In a yuh short up shorts pon the bike back (In your short shorts on the bike back) Gyal a fight over man yuh nah fight back (Girl is fighting over a man, you’re not fighting back) Put yuh hand round mi waist pon the bike back (Put your hand around my waist on the bike back) Yuh like that, the bike back (Do you like that, the bike back) Gyal yuh sexy, yuh sexy suh till (Girl you’re very, very, very sexy) Shape like yuh nyam chicken pill (You’re shaped like you’re eating chicken pill) Drink a apple vodka pon mi bill (Drink an apple vodka on my bill) Yuh bumpa broad gyal (You’re butt’s broad girl) Si the bike back yah come chill (Here’s the bike back, come and chill) A bike show time, show mi yuh skill (It’s time for the bike show, show me your skill) From Albert Town to Gyaldiville Yuh bumpa broad gyal (You’re butt’s broad girl)

[Verse 1] Whine fi mi, whine fi mi, whine fi mi gyal (Whine for me, whine for me, whine for me girl) Climb fi mi, climb fi mi, climb fi mi gyal (Climb for me, climb for me, climb for me girl) Whine up yuh body inna the bike show (Whine up your body at the bike show) Like yuh a entertain 40 criminal (Like you’re entertaining 40 criminals) Shake fi mi, shake fi mi, shake fi mi gyal (Shake for me, shake for me, shake for me girl) Vibrate, vibrate, vibrate fi mi gyal (Vibrate, vibrate, vibrate for me girl) When the country bwoy call yuh fi go pon the road (When the country boy call you to go on the road) Meck sure don’t late fi mi gyal (Ensure not to be late girl)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Gyal put on yuh heels come wine fi the wheel (Girl put on your heels, come whine for the wheel) Mi ready fi defend yuh like navy seals (I’m ready to defend you like the navy seals) Demon stoppable no meck fraud deal (Demon stoppable don’t make fraud deals) As of today mi a pay your page (As of today I’m paying your page) Yuh nuh pay fi yuh bumpa baby it real (You didn’t pay for your butt baby it’s real) Yuh nyam good food, yuh nuh nyam meal deal (You eat good food, you don’t eat meal deals) Nuh donkey nuh bite yuh a that mi reveal (No donkey has bitten you, that’s what I reveal) Some gyal leg tuff, tuff, like a steel (Some girls legs are tough like a steel)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Outro) Dah fone yah lak off suh it cyaah mek nuh sound (This phone is shut off so it can’t make a sound) Echo knock sound, dis a Echo knock sound (Echo knock sound, this is Echo knock sound) Wow

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