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Bruk It Down

(Break it down)
by Mr. Vegas

Bruk It Down lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] This a di dance fi move yuh waist line (This is the dance to move your waist line ) Every gyal, every gyal a your time… (Every girl, every girl, it’s your time)

[Verse 1] Weh di real goodas dem step farwud and whine, whine (Where are the real good girls, step forward and whine, whine) Every good body girls just bruk out cause a your time, time (Every good body girls just break out because it’s your time, time) Man a promise yuh di world everytime dem si how you whine (Men promise you the world every time they see how you whine) And a dat get yuh mad mad mad, cause you want every dime (And that gets you mad mad mad, cause you want every dime) kotch pon di bed (kotch on the bed)

[Chorus] Bruk, bruk, bruk, bruk, burk, bruk it dung (x2) (Break, break, break, break, break, break it down ) bruk it dung (x14) (break it down) bruk it (x8) (break it) bruk it dung. (break it down)

[Verse 2] Mi gi gyal di sugar stick anytime dem want it (I give the girls the sugar stick anytime they want it) Beverly call mi ova inna her front yard mi plant it (Beverly calls me over and in her front yard I plant it) She seh dat mi drive har insane (She said that I drive her insane) But a nuh complain she a complain (but she’s not complaining) Cause she love it inna winter (Because she loves it in the winter) Love it inna summer (loves it in the summer) Want it when it sun or rain Mi give Pat di suga stick and she nuh stop call me (I give Pat the sugar stick, and she doesn’t stop calling me ) Inna a di wee hours a di morning she nuh ramp fi annoy mi (In the wee hours of the morning she’s not playing to annoy me) She say she wah bruk off piece a it (She says the she wants to break off a piece) Cause it nicer than di chawclit (Because it’s nicer than chocolate) And right now she say she’s physically fit And, She nah ramp wid it (And she’s not playing with it) Suh mi say (So I say)

(Repeat Chorus) Expression dem a conqueror (Expression are conquerors) Shana a di advanca (Shana is the advamcer) Suko him love exotic dancer (Suko loves the exotic dancer) Tee Tee mus love topless dancer (Tee Tee mus love topless dancers) Dem ya gyal ya wha ruff wi up (These girls want to rough us up) Steve seh di gyal dem wah cuff him up (Steve says the girl wants to cuff him up) Dem ya gyal ya jus a touch mi up (These girls just want to touch me up) Head top Anika wah bruk mi tuff ()head top Anika want to break me up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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