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Closed Casket

by Vybz Kartel

Closed Casket lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Yuh know dem bwoy deh weh (Do you know those guys that are) Big and foo fool fram dem a gah skool (Big and foolish from they were going to school) Neva bruk a rule, neva bruk a fight, neva bun a spliff (Never broke a rule, never started a fight, never smoked weed) Snitch inna di class, every body hate (Snitch in the class, everybody hated) Neva f**k a gyal till him graduate (Never f**ked a girl until he graduated) Get a likkle hype, mek a likkle food (Got a little hype, made a little money) Buy a couple tool, gi to couple fool (Buy a couple of tools, gave a couple of fools) Dat nuh mek yuh bad (That doesn't make you bad) Yah still a nerd, Knock yuh wid di mag (You're still a nerd, knock you with the Mag) Suh di spinnaz work, Salt Spring a earth (That's how the magnum work, Salt Spring is earth) Bwoy dead (Boy is dead) Bad inna yuh dream (Bad in your dream) Freddie Cougar mek yuh wake up back (Freddie Cougar made you awoken) 365 chop off head like cane cutter (365 chop of heads like a cane cutter) Any bwoy, mi dawg dem inna Spain guh fah (Any boy, my dogs in Spain will get) Anyweh, bore him up like plate cover (Anywhere, bore him up like a plate cover) Nuh matta oo much time mi tuff it inna yuh chest (Doesn't matter how much time I push it your chest) If mi nuh clap it inna yuh head mi still nuh feel good (If I don't fire it in your head, I still don't feel good) Bird sh*t inna yuh mouth, eagle (Bird sh*t in your mouth, eagle) Bury sum a dem and leff sum pan di street to (Buried some of them and left some on the street too) P**sy

[Chorus] Yuh well waah dead (You really want to die) Target practice started Bring any war head,parted, skull crack, scall egg (Bring any war head, parted, skull crack, boil egg) Mi face white like tourist, ask Ed Bartlett (My face is white like a tourist, ask Ed Bartlett) Yuh mooma bawl out, "Mi si yuh Kartel, mi a tell", (Your mother cried out, "I saw you Kartel, I'm telling") Nuh face nuh deh deh, nuh mout nuh deh (No face is there, no mouth is there) Nuh eye nuh deh deh, nuh teeth nun deh deh (No eyes are there, no teeth are there) Close casket, close casket (x2) Nuh bady nah rush yuh guh public (Nobody's rushing you to the public hospital) Bwoy pronounce dead pah spot quick quick (Boy pronounced dead on the spot very quick) Close casket, close casket (x2)

[Verse 2] Farrid crack like wind screen, (Forehead cracked like a wind screen) Bullet proof cyaah stop man 16 (Bullet proof can't stop my M16) 3 piece likka big deal, (3 piece like a big deal) Bai shallow grave inna di hill, one fit fi him (A lot of shallow graves are on the hill, one suits him) Set it yes Wet him head, wet him chest (Wet his head, wet his chest) Tek him weh, (Take him away) Wen man did a buss head, a prep him deh (When I was bussing head, he was in prep school) Badda dan, dig out him wind pipe, it reck him neck (Badder than, dug out his wind pipe, it wrecked is neck) Way dung undaneath mi crep him set (All the way underneath my shoe he sat)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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