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Equal Rights

by Ishawna

Equal Rights lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] I just got started Wah yuh think one round can do? (What do you think one round can do) Bumper to your forehead Show mi wah yuh tongue can do (Show me what your tongue can do) If yuh nuh have it inna waist, yuh betta have it inna face (If you don't have it in the waist, you better have it in the face) Bright enuff fi a luk gyal fi shine you... (Bold enough to want a girl to shine you) And yuh nuh waah taste? (And you don't want to taste?)

[Chorus] Yuh have a clean mouth and yuh lips dem sexy (You have a clean mouth and your lips are sexy) Treat me like a bottle of Pepsi Yuh back nuh ha nuh use and your face look cute (Your back doesn't have any use and your face looks cute) Deal with me like a bag juice Mi seh, equal rights and justice (I say, equal rights and justice) Nuff ignorant people a guh cuss dis (A lot of ignorant people are going to curse about this) Mi p**sy tight, cut up your cocky like cutlass (My p**sy's tight, cuts up your c**k like a cutlass) But if you waan head, my yute, yuh haffi suck dis (But if you want head, you will have to suck this)

[Verse 2] Bwoy, mi nah guh compromise (Boy, I'm not going to compromise) Mi waah feel how your head feels between mi thighs (I want to feel how your head feels between my thighs) Mi waah look inna your dreamy eyes (I want to look in your dreamy eyes) When you a chew pon mi pum pum like french fries (When you're chewing on my p**sy like French fries) Yuh never hear bout foreplay? (Didn't you hear about foreplay) A modern times now, boy, relax...it's ok (It's modern times now, boy, relax...it's ok) If mi ever bring it up inna the group chat (If I've ever brought it up in the group chat) Yuh get di threesome fi yuh birthday (You'll get the threesome for your birthday) Caw (Because)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Mi luv it wen di man dem brave up (I love it when the men become brave) Caw nuff man hav dem good tongue a save up (Because a lot of men are saving up their tongue) Mhmm That mi like, when yuh eat mi right (That's what I like, when you eat me right) When yuh do it, mi galang outrageous (When you do it, I act outrageous) Put yuh lips pon mi clit, mek mi gear up (Put your lips on my clit, make me change gear) Let out your inner freak, nuh bother cage up (Let out your inner freak, don't bother caging up) Mhmm That we like, when you eat we right (That's what we like, when you eat us right) When you do it, we galang outrageous (When you do it, we act outrageous)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 4] Mhmm Mi nuh fraid a nobody (I'm not afraid of anyone) And wen mi a talk, mi nuh care who nuh like mi (And when I talk, I don't care who doesn't like me ) Mi shave up mi body (I've shaven my body) Mi drink mi pineapple juice nightly (I've drank my pineapple juice nightly) Mi tek care of mi body (I took care of my body) Suh him supposed to nyam me nightly (So he's supposed to eat me nightly) Mi nuh 'fraid of nobody (I'm not afraid of anyone) Who nuh like me, dem fi bite me! (Who doesn't like me they can bite me)

(Repeat Chorus)

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