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Everything Nice

by Popcaan

Everything Nice lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Am feeling high Champagne fly Work hard everyday till we reach to the goal Dis a fi the people dem weh work hard (This is for the people that work hard) All who gone to the morgue RIP to a love one Put yuh cups dem high (Put your cup up high)

[Chorus] Like the feelings right Going on high grade flight Thugs a prole up, girls a roll out (Thugs are pulling up, girls are rolling out) Everything is nice yea Cho, oh oh Everything is nice

[Verse 2] Hennessy pock up, refill yuh cup (Hennessy's packed up, refill your cup) Music a play till the speaker f**k up (Music is playing until the speakers got f**k up) Gyal faint when mi clip mi finger like Erup (Girl fainted when I clicked my finger like Erup) Shi a whine under rum and ciroc (She's whining under the influence of rum and ciroc) Reaching out to all who do 9-5 < Weh a put in the work and a fight fi strive (Who are putting in the work and fighting to strive) From UWI to U-Tech, ease the exam stress and hold a vibes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Sometimes mi know seh yuh stressed out (Sometimes I know that your stressed out) Caw the bills dem pending (Because the bills are pending) Or yuh lost everyting weh yuh work every day and invest in (Or you lost everything that you worked for every day and invested in) Watch yah now, touch the club find a girl and bubble pon (Listen, go to the club, find a girl and dance on her) Find a party fi tek out di trouble on (Find a party to take put the trouble on) Pop Skull dedicate this one to every victim and all ex-con Tr8 (Straight)

(Repeat Chorus)

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