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Evil lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Unless di Lord builds di house Labour in vain who builds it. Unless di Lord guards di city The watchman stays awake in vain

[Verse 1] From unnu snitch wi ah cut tongue Memba wi badda than satan Mi wall never short,ita prolong Evil people mi come here fi hung Machete inna mi hands fi cut lungs No sodomizing wi burn batam SM come and dem start run Gasoline spray pon dem with di guns.

[Chorus 1] Dem nuh know about me Dem never hear about me Dem only talk about me Dem think dem evil but im evil too (repeat)

[Verse 2] Wi know di key when its neccesary fi kill No doctor,no hospital bill No emergency fi gi you ah drip The only thing you ah go lef behind ah your will Life is ah gift but evil nuh free Wi cut unnu hand and head like ah tree Spend time pon unnu body like ah mean Make sure wi wipe every evil breed Funeral service wi send you ah wreath Come to your coffin and spit inna your pit. Send your goons another letter fi ah treat. Wi nuh surrender wi nuh retreat,Idiot

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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