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Eyes Red

by Koro Fyah

Eyes Red lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yeah A ganja man a smoke yow (It’s ganja that I’m smoking yow) Pound a sensi pan di board yow (A pound of weed is on the board yow) High grade, High grade Hey

[Chorus] Nuh judge mi tru mi eyes red, yeah (Don’t judge me because my eyes are red, yeah) A jus di ganja man a smoke and a medz (It’s just the ganja that I’m smoking and meditating) And it’s just the goods lamb breads, yeah Light up di chronic caw wi floating again (Light up the chronic because we are floating again)

[Verse 1] Load up di cutchie cause a time fi elevate (Load up the bong because it’s time to elevate) Mi an mi idren them a bun it mek it marinate (Me and my brethren are burning it making it marinate) Blessing from di earth one a di best ting Jah create (Blessing from the earth, it’s one of the best thing God created) Stresses of di world mi seh di sensi eradicate (Stresses of the world, I say, the weed eradicates) It suh good mi haffi light it as mi wake (It’s so good, I have to light it has I wake) Read a couple scriptures and den guh meditate (Read a couple scriptures and then go and meditate) Pan King Selassie wisdom mek di message resonate (On King Selassie’s wisdom make the message resonate) Purify mi mental state, me tell yuh seh (Purify my mental state, I tell you that)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

[Verse 2] The healing herb hab mi a read between di lines, yeah (The healing herb have me reading between the lines, yeah) Guess das why Babylon nuh want it legalize (Guess that’s why the system don’t want it legalize) More wi bun di herb di more wi si di king as Christ (The more we burn the herb, the more we see the king as Christ) Natty up wi head jus like di ancient Nazarite, yeah (Dreads in our head just like the ancient Nazarite, yeah) A dat di dutty Babylon dem nuh like (That’s what the dirty system doesn’t like) Dem nah guh si wi bun dah ting deh inna di pipe (They’re not going to see us burning that thing that’s in the pipe) Nah guh tun nuh coke head bun di sniffing of di white (Not going to turn a coke head, I condemn the sniffing of the white ) Knock di coke dem off a matches wen it strike, aright (Knock the coke off the matches when it strike, aright)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Di herbs a mi tonic (The herbs is my tonic) Boil it inna mi tea, sweeten it wid eh molasses (Boil it in my tea, sweeten it with the molasses) Plant it inna mi garden with di lettuce and di cabbage (Plant it in my garden with the lettuce and the cabbage) Check di pharmacy si oomuch medicine cum from it (Check the pharmacy see how much medicine comes from it) Am talking bout dat chronic (Am talking about that chronic) Wen mi check it mi astonish, (When I check it I’m astonish) It neutralize cancer, seh it good fi cure colic (It neutralize cancer, it’s good to cure colic) Why it still nuh legal rasta man cyaah si di logic (Why’s it still not legal, rasta man can’t see the logic) Si it all steaming up and taking off like a rocket (See it all steaming up and taking off like a rocket) Chilling in the tropics

(Repeat Chorus x2)

(Outro) Ganja man a smoke yow (It’s ganja that I’m smoking) High grade man a blaze (High grade that I’m blazing) Load up di challis cause a time fi elevate (Load up the bong because it’s time to elevate) Nuh judge mi, a ganja man a blaze, yeah (Don’t judge me, It’s ganja that I’m smoking)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

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