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F*ck U Mean

by Dexta Daps

F*ck U Mean lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] F**k yuh mean seh mi nuh miss yuh (F**k you mean that I don't miss you) Wen yuh p**sy mek mi heart a skip a beat (When your p**sy made my heart skip a beat) Cuss yuh wen yuh si yuh s'ting (Curse you when I see your thing) F**k yuh mean yuh never breed (F**k you mean you didn't breed) Couple a mi fren weh si yuh (Couple of my friends that saw you) Seh yuh p**sy haffi gud cause all now mi nuh leave (Said your p**sy has to be good because I haven't left yet) Sexiness a fi yuh ting (Sexiness is your thing) C**k up inna everything mi si yuh in (Look good in everything I see you in)

[Chorus] Yuh p**sy mek mi waah stop… cheat (You're p**sy makes me want to stop… cheat) And any weh mi guh mi haffi cum back, fi it (And anywhere I go I have to come back, for it) Yuh p**sy deh pan mi mind (Your p**sy's on my mind) Mi cannot, sleep (I cannot, sleep) Swear mi stop screechie out (Swore I stop sneaking out) Mi stop sneak, mi all dash weh mi top freak (I stop sneak, I even got rid of my top freak) Mi nah lef yuh a bloodcleet (I'm not f**king leave you) Na na na na na Youuuu Know mi nah guh nuh weh (Know I'm not going anywhere) Youuuuuuu

[Verse 2] If yuh a guh F**k mek sure seh dat it a guh benefit yuh (If you're f**king, ensure that it's going to benefit you) Doah guh be nuh referee and blow suh many whistle (Don't go and be a referee and blow a lot of whistles ) Plus mi d'evn know weh mi duh fi yuh seh mi diss yuh (Plus I don't even know what I did for you say I dissed you) Hey gyal jus bring di p**sy come (Hey girl, just bring the p**sy come) Yuh nuh si seh mi miss yuh (Don't you know that I miss you) To how di ting set up (Because of how the thing is set up) How one gyal hav suh many man (How does one girl have so many men) Me she waah fi stick wid all di time like she a scallion (She want to stick with me all the time like she's a escallion) Some girl irrelevant (Some girls are irrelevant) Yuh elegance bring a wedding band (Your elegance bring a wedding band)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Youuu Know mi nah guh nuh weh (Know I'm not going anywhere) Youu, Naa guh nuh weh (You, aren't going anywhere) No no no no no Naa guh nuh weh (Aren't going anywhere) Baby , mee

(Repeat Chorus)

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