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Ghetto Story

by Cham

Ghetto Story lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] This a survival story, True ghetto story This is my story, Real ghetto story Hey

[Verse 1] I remember those days when Hell was my home When mi and Mama bed was a big piece a foam (My mother and I bed was a big piece a foam) An mi neva like bathe and my hair neva comb (And I didn't like to bathe and my hair wasn't comb) When Mama gone a work mi go street guh roam (When Mama was at work, I went roaming the streets) I remember when Danny dem tek mi snow cone (I remember when Danny and his friends took my snow cone) An mek him likkle bredda dem kick up Jerome (And let his little brothers beat up Jerome) I remember when we visit dem wid pure big stone (I remember when we visited them with a lot of big stones) An the boy Danny pop out someting weh full chrome (And Danny pulled out something that was fully chromed) I remember when we run, Fatta get him knee blown (I remember when we ran, Fatta got his knee blown) An mi best friend Richie get, two inna him dome (And my best friend Richie got two in his dome) I remember suh the avenue tun inna warzone (I remember that caused the avenue to turn into a warzone) An ,Mickey madda fly him out, caw she get a loan (And, Mickey mother flown him out because she got a loan ) But, Mickey go to foreign and go tun Al Capone (But, Mickey went to foreign and turned into Al Capone) Mek whole heap a money and send in our own (Made a lot of money and sent in our own) Now a we a lock the city and, that is well known (Now we're locking the city and, that is well known) Yesterday Mickey call mi pan mi phone (Yesterday Mickey called me on my phone) Mi say Mickey..... (I said "Mickey!")

[Chorus 1] Wi get di ting dem (We got the things) Dem outta luck now (They're out of luck now) Mi squeeze seven and the whole a dem a duck now (I squeezed seven and they all are ducking now) Wi have whole heap a extra clip caw we nuh bruk now (We have a lot of extra clips because we aren't broke any more) Rah...Rah..Rah...Rah Wi get di ting dem, suh dem haffi rate wi (We got the things, so they have to respect us) Caw we a tek it to them wicked of lately (Because we're taking it to them wickedly of lately) And now the whole community a live greatly (And now the whole community is living greatly) Rah...Rah..Rah...Rah

[Verse 2] I remember bout '80, Jamaica explode (I remember in the 80s, Jamaica exploded) When a Trinity and Tony Hewitt dem a run road (When Trinity and Tony Hewitt were running the streets) That a long before Laing dem and even Bigga Ford (That was long before Laing and even Bigga Ford) When Adams dem a Corporal nuh know the road code (When Adams was a Corporal and didn't know the road code) I remember when we rob the chiney shop down the road (I remember when we robbed the Chinese shop down the road) An rumour have it sey the chiney man have a sword (And rumour have it that the Chinese man have a sword) But we did have a one pop weh make outta board (But we had a one pop that was made out of board) So you know the next day mama pot overlooaad I remember when we skipped the poll clerks An dump di ballot box pan Tivoli outskirts (And dumped the ballot box on Tivoli outskirts) An hold a plane ticket and go chill over Turks (And got a plane ticket and went to chill over at Turks) When mi come back a still inna the hole mi a lurk (When I came back, I was still lurking in the hole) I remember those days when informer Dirks... Get one inna him face and mi nuh get nuh perks (Got one in his face and I didn't get any perks) An di bigger heads dem are a couple of jerks (And the bigger heads are a couple of jerks) Cause a dem a mek di money, when a wi mash di works (Because they're making the money, while we're doing the work)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Jamaica get screw, tru greed an glutton (Jamaica got screwed because of greed and glutton) Politics manipulate and press yutes button (Politics manipulate and pressed the youths button) But we rich now ,so dem caan tell man nutin (But we're rich now so they can't tell us anything) Cuz a we a mek Mama a nyaam Fish an Mutton..Ehhhh (Because we're making Mama eat fish and mutton) Ova deh suh mek mi tell unnu sum'n... (Over there, let me tell you something) Tru mi dey a foreign now a guy kill mi cousin (Because I'm at foreign now, a guy killed my cousin) An mi here sey TD deh deh but him seh he wasnt (And I heard that TD was there but he said he wasn't) Anytime mi fly down him a get bout dozen....Cause...... (Anytime I fly down he's getting about one dozen....Cause......)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

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