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Highest Level

by Vybz Kartel

Highest Level lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Dem waan know weh mi have a knock (They want to know what I have knocking) Ten Crocodile K-man a buss (Ten Crocodile Ks I have bussing) Knock it mek it light up you life like pepper light (Knock it so it light up your life like pepper lights) Like Christmas a tomorrow (Like Christmas is tomorrow) Bruk a bakkle stab him inna gut (Break bottle stab in his gut) Leng should a name cave time fly a bag a bat (Leng should be named cave time fly a lot of bats) And who seh Rvssian and Addi nah link up again, slide unda your mother (And who said Rvssian and Addi not linking up again, slide under your mother)

[Chorus] None a dem nuh deh pan mi level (None of them are on my level) Hombre, not even I know how I do it I just do it like Jordan or Ewing, Shaqqy or Coby And no one can stop me Mi nuh know when, but (I don't know when, but) A nuh todeh, a nuh tomorrow (It's not today, it's not tomorrow) A nuh todeh, a nuh tomorrow (It's not today, it's not tomorrow) Buss it like inna better tomorrow (Buss it like in a better tomorrow)

[Verse 2] Mi rifle dem nah jam like door jam (My rifles aren't jamming like door jams) Mi gun dem nah itch pon program (My guns aren't itching on program) Yuh nuh si seh yuh shoulda send sum more man (Don't you see that you should have sent more men) Dem four shooter deh nah come back (Those four shooters aren't coming back) Sum weh undergrung is dem new lot numba (Somewhere underground is their new lot number) Dexta Peppa when St. James roll out, oh my God People a run up and down like Jesus just come back (People are running up and down like Jesus just came back) Dis yah scheme could a full a blood bank (This scheme here could full a blood bank) Beretta Barabelom knock it, rapid him up, 30 Bullet a follow back a dem one anedda (Bullets are following behind each other) We a guh get out addi, everybody seh dat, 30 (We're going to get out Addi, everybody says that, 30) Bullet a follow back a dem on anedda (Bullets are following behind each other) Hey, Rvssian!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)

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