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I'm A Big Deal

by Christopher Martin

I'm A Big Deal lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Si Martin, mi a tell unuh (See Martin, I’m telling you) Yuh haffi just luv unuh self (You have to love yourself) Naah mean,value yuhself, tink highly a yuhself, (Know what I mean, value yourself, think highly of yourself) Know yuh very important (Know you’re very important) Hash tag, I’m a big deal, V.I.P Mi and mi fren dem a V.I.P, v v v v v.i.p (Me and my friends are V.I.P, v v v v v.i.p) Ask anybody bout wi (Ask anyone about us)

[Chorus] I’m a big deal Me and mi fren dem a big deal (Me and my friends are big deals) Yea wi kinda important, for real (Yeah, we’re kind of important, for real) Oh yea, I’m a big deal Me and mi fren are some big deals (Me and my friends are big deals) Very, very, very important, for real

[Verse 1] This has nothing to do with money or fame, or vanity This one is all about self worth Suh big up yuh chest and stand proud (So big up your chest and stand proud) And don’t matter bout nobody (And don’t worry about anyone) Nuh man nuh more than nuh man pan this earth (No man is more than any man on this earth) Suh whether yuh a walk or yuh a drive car (So whether you are walking or you are driving a car) Nuh matta if yuh white or black like tar (Doesn’t matter if you’re white or black like tar) Nuh feel good in a yuhself ,yaw star (Don’t feel good in yourself? You’re a star) Push up unuh hand and tell all the haters (Push up your hands and tell all the haters)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Is like you have the prime minister (It’s like you have the prime minister) And then you have we (And then you have us) Dat a the order in a fi wi country (That’s the order in our country) Yes that a the status a di hierarchy (Yes that’s the status, it’s the hierarchy ) Ask anybody bout it (Ask anyone about it) 4.0 a di grade point average (4.0 is the grade point average) And wi never cheat or copy fi get it (And we never cheat or copy to get it) Yuh know yuh have yuh dreams and nobody cyaa stop it (You know you have dreams and no one can stop it) Just walk out “buss a blank” and say

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)

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