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by Vybz Kartel

Infrared lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yow yow (Yo, yo) DJ, Mi dawg dem a mi dawg dem (DJ, my dogs are my dogs) Nutt'n too cyaah out fi mi diss di dwag dem enuh (Nothing can really make me diss my dogs) Gaza Genocide

[Chorus: Vybz Kartel] My dawg dem haffi live (My dogs have to live) Mi dawg dem haffi live (My dogs have to live) F**k a bag a gyal in a dem hole (F**k a lot of girls in their hole) And who nuh like how wi a live (And who doesn't like how we live) Conscience a dead pon him forehead (Conscience is dying on his forehead) Marrow fly guh foreign (Marrow flown to foreign) Empty the bryco pan him (Empty the Bryco on him) (Repeat)

[Verse 1: Masicka] Mi deh pon the block (I'm here on the block) Nutt'n change, matic in a lap (Nothing has changed, automatic gun in my lap) Spliff wrap, Henny pon the rock (Weed is wrapped, Henny on the rock) A watch mi enemy a flop (Watching my enemy flopping) Pu**y dem a carry belly fi the pot (Pussies are carrying a grudge for the pot) Buss you likkle jelly caw you hot (Burst your little jelly because your hot) Like seh yuh carry frock (As if you're wearing a frock) Run up in a anyweh yuh lock (Run up in anywhere that you locked) Gaza meck a link and meck a man in a you place fly you bat (Gaza made a link and made a man in your place fly your bat) Gangsta nuh wife rat (Gangsters don't wife rats) Chigga press fi the dollaz why not (Trigger pressed for the dollars, why not)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2: Masicka] Wi a go live until wi dead (We're are going to live until we die) Wi dawg dem train fi fling it in a head (Our dogs are trained to fire at the head) Full dem up a copper, couple lead (Fill them with copper, couple of leads) When man a bad dem in a bed (When we're being bad, they we're in bed) Di crocs dem neva leff it, times dread (The crocs are never left, times are dread) Roll up pon dem corner like seh wi get invited (Roll up on the corner as if we got invited) Skull a crack, man a scramble like egg (Skull is cracking, men are scrambling like eggs) Wul dis, glock tun on, big man a try beg (Hold this, glock firing, big men trying to beg) Anyweh yuh guh a anyweh the crime spread (Anywhere you go is where the crime spreads) Mi load it up and buss it fi di bread (I load it up and fire it for the bread)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3: Masicka] Streets haffi honor we, dawg dem a mi family (Streets have to honor us, dogs are my family) And if you drop you naafi worry bout yuh mama she (And if you die, don't have to worry about your mama) Full black Wallabee, Pull back hammer we Go anywhere go buss dem head, nuh want a dollar we (Go anywhere and kill them, don't want any money) Not even time we haffi spend we f**k dem gyal ya free (Not even time we have to spend, we f**k their girls for free) Mi have the 90 clip extend so weh some man a pree (I have the 90 clip so what are some men thinking) A true we stack the G, like we sell a lot a key (It's because we've stacked the G, as if we sell a lot of keys) Den kill dem gyal wid jook, like a macka tree (They give their girls a lot of pokes, like a thorn tree) Shot dem mek dem find demself, f**k wid one a we (Shoot them so they can find their self, f**k with one of us) Put the trigger under bondage, set the hammer free Bwoy diss, and nuh dead? That a nuh we (Boy diss and don't die? That's not us) Ayy Portmore (Hey Portmore)

(Repeat Chorus)

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