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Kingston Town

by Alborosie

Kingston Town lyrics with English Translations

[Chorus] Sipple it dung dung, sipple it dung dung (Slippery down down, Slippery down down) It's a rudeboy town, it's Kingston town Sipple it dung dung, sipple it dung dung (Slippery down down, Slippery down down) It's a rudeboy town, it's Kingston town

[Verse 1] Some man have nuh mannaz, still a try fi beg a ting (Some men don’t have manners but are still trying to beg something) If yuh nuh drop nuh green, a strait up diss singting (If you don’t drop any green, that’s a straight up diss) Sun a bun traffic, it's a slow riddim (Sun is buring traffic, it’s a slow riddim) JCF a move ruff, dem buss di M16 (JCF is moving rough, they are firing the M16 ) Sum man a drive up an dung, dem have di latest ting (Some men are driving up and down, they have the latest thing) Machine fit inna dem jeans, a show off girls and bling (Machine fitted in their jeans, they are showing off for girls and bling) Smell of marijuana 'round di corner dem juggling (Smell of marijuana, they are selling it around the corner) One mad man get 'im food straight outta di garbage bin, hey (A homeless man gets his food straight out the garbage bin)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

[Verse 2] Dis a di gun land (This is the gun land) Blood run cold blood 'pon di white sand (Blood is running cold on the white sand) Concrete a bun put some pads up your shin (Concrete is burning, put some pads on your shin ) Babylon bwoy dem kill a youth an one old woman a chant some (The police killed a youth and an old woman is chanting some of them) And while a next set a monster di rat-ta-ta-tan-ta Dem dig more grave than rooms up a Hilton (They dig more graves than rooms up at the Hilton) Small community get wash up by a blood storm Every weekend same routine with new function Pusher dem count more dead than 9-11 destruction, hey (The Pushers count more dead than the 9-11 destruction, hey)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

[Verse 3] Di gyal dem pants tight like rubber suit (The girls pants are tight like a rubber suit) And a dem blouse one tiny someting hide up perfect boobs (And their blouse, one tiny something hide their perfect boobs) Dem always a smile if you guh “Baby I” (They always smile if you say “Baby I”) Dem a guh play you one trick if you a mama's bwoy (They will play you like a trick if you are a mama’s boy) It's a tough man town, there's nuh crown and nuh throne (It's a tough man town, there's no crown and no throne) It a guh, lick you down, with a, dancehall sound (It is going to, hit you down, with a, dancehall sound ) If yuh a stranger and yuh drive, mek sure yuh know the route (If you’re a stranger and you drive, make sure you know the route) You don't wanna get salute by a, gun dispute

(Repeat Chorus x2)

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