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Last One

by Vybz Kartel

Last One lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Him addi di only sumbody weh dead two time (He’s the only one that has died two time) Two nine stuck inna yuh two yeye (Two nines stuck in your two eyes) Yuh nuh bad yuh too lie (You’re not bad, you’re a liar) Two mine block di road too side (Two mines block the two sides of the road) Watch di likkle fool slide, rapid him up, too bad (Watch the little fool slide, rapid him up, too bad) Kill him and dun, bun him up, bun him up (Kill him and done, burn him up, burn him up) Wen AK buss dem get dem gay brain buss (When the AK burst, they get their gay brain burst) Knock it mek di dead whale up (Knock it so the dead raise up) Who did waah fi talk tape up (Who wanted to talk are taped up) Dem cyaah call Amus, Yuh waah Don status (They can’t call Amus, You want Don status) True mi mek yuh damn famous (Because I made you damn famous) Alright, Gunshot dem puncha dem lungs and head (Alright, gunshots punchers their lungs and head) Him head deh boom pan di grung like gyal bounce pan bed (His head is booming on the ground like how a girl bounce on the bed) Mi chrissin some oskell busta seh him cum crush dat endz (I christen some oskell, Busta says he crushed that spot) Old Mack 10s, skull crack, dem door lock, man pull dat (Old Mack 10s, skull cracked, their door’s locked, I pull that) Den full dem wit bai hot lead (Then I full them with a lot of hot lead) F**ka dem, ungodly, toe tag dem (F**k them, ungodly, toes are tagged) Lack off dem oxygen, trim off dem locks again (Close off their oxygen, trim off their locks again) Who boots dem supligen, (Who’s propping them up, supligen?) Foolish accomplishments, b**ch dem non-existent (Foolish accomplishments, b**ches non-existent)

[Chorus] Who addi best? Kartel, best? Kartel (Who’s the best? Kartel, Best? Kartel ) Who addi worst (yuh dun know ova di years a gully god enuh ) (Who’s the worst? You already know, over the years, It’s the Gully God, you know ) Who addi best (kartel), best (kartel) (Who’s the best? Kartel, Best? Kartel) Who addi worst? A gully god enuh (Who’s the worst? It’s the Gully God, you know) Worst? A gully god enuh (Worst? It’s the Gully God, you know) Who addi di fish (Alkaline) (Who’s the gay? Alkaline)

[Verse 2] Nuh batty sumn could’n happen a kirk (No gay something couldn’t happen at kirk) Mason road send yuh dung inna di dirt (Mason road send you down in the dirt) Fluxy, nutten nuh rusty, dem burst (Fluxy, nothing is rusty, they burst) Nah fi guh inna church fi member (Don’t have to go in the church to remember) Seh mi done dem inna summer, dun dem inna winter (That I done them in the summer, done them in the winter) Mad blacks, new shoes and socks Knock shot, bwoy drop flat, pop (Knock shots, boy drop flat, pop) Hill 60 a kool off a act (Hill 60 is cooling after the act)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro) Well dis is Vybz Kartel and mi hav a message fi di skool yute dem (Well this is Vybz Kartel and I have a message for the school youths) Yuh si dis badness ting yah, it nuh worth it, hear? (Do you see this badness thing? It’s not worth it, do you hear?) Stay inna skool and get an education yute (Stay in school and get an education youth) Just tek my foolish advice (Just take my foolish advice) Dem ting yah a jus dead house, and jail house and (These things are just dead house and jail house and) Crasiss pan yuh and yuh family and (Misery on you and your family and) People weh yuh luv and dem ting deh, yuh hear dat? (People that you love and those things, do you hear that?) Yuh nuh hav nutten fi prove to nuh man (You don’t have to prove anything to no man) Just wul yuh composure, stay in a skool, duh yuh work (Just hold your composure, stay in school, do your work) Mek yuh parents proud, yuh hear dat (Make your parents proud, do you hear that?) And memba this, nuh matta how yuh poor and how yuh feel like nutten naw gwaan (And remember this, no matter how you are poor and how you feel like nothing is going on) Yuh life special, yuh hear? (Your life is special, do you hear that?) Memba mi tell yuh dat (Remember that I told you that)

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