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by Mavado

Memory lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Naaa, naaa Tight p**sy gyal Mi nuh care if him find out seh wi a f**k Each and every night, di two a wi a bruk Anyweh mi back yuh up, a deh mi c**k yuh up Then mi find out him cyaah duh di wuk Yeah

[Verse 1] All day, all night long Shi a seh shi waah stay on But shi a seh him naah stay long Him a play ball game wrong Mi mek shi feel like it's a surgeon Kill di p**sy like incursion Fling yuh gyal pan di persion F**k yuh gyal ten furlong

[Chorus] Fuck har and leff har in a memory A suh mi f**k gyal fi memba mi Gyal screechie cum si mi inna di bathroom Yuh man a drink too much Hennessey Shi luv wen mi f**k Shi get di f**k den shi cut Yuh know shi hav wuk inna di mawning Shi seh di night did ruff

[Verse 2] mi shi luv Bend har up, bend har up Tight p**sy gyal keep c**ky tuff Him buy har di visa fi cut When a mi hav di knees a lift up Shi guh dung, shi c**k up Sup mi keep on, slap slap it up Bun har up with the hot coffee cup Get knock, knock knock it up

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Watch yah nuh Shi cyaah wait fi si mi Shi cyaah wait fi si mi Him lock har up inna di house Hide di key Open gyal, jus fly sesame Him pay fi she, she f**k me free If a ten thousand lifetime, up to me Shi luv di nine mile Hercules Wen mi buss di nine

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro Cyaah wait (x3) Cyaah wait fi si me Cyaah wait (x4) Luv wen mi touch (x2) Mek gyal rememba mi Rememba mi Lady (x2)

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