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Modern Day Judas

by Jesse Royal

Modern Day Judas lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Now in comes the musical thing From the King's offspring... Jesse Royal Some people you'll rate And them still choose to show you hate Run dem out a yuh yard (Run them out of your yard) From dem a play bad card (If they're playing a bad card)

[Chorus] Dem a back biters (There are biters) Hypocritical two-side lass (Hypocritical two-side cutlass) We call them modern day Judas Spreaders of rumors (repeat)

[Verse 1] So why should I be afraid of you When you bleed just like I do The more you try fight Jah Jah light keep shining through So I've got no time for you Cause inna my view you wanna step in mi shoe (Because in my view, you want to step in my shoes) You wish you never live a loo and feel so damn confused Oh every day you wake, you ache Because yuh know yuh fake (Because you know you're fake) And every step you take a bring you closer to your grave (And every step you take is bringing you closer to your grave) But I am like a column we nuh easily shake (But I am like a column we're not easily shoke) Mi certain seh a fi mi, none a unuh cyaa take (I'm certain that it's mine, none of you can take) We guided by the Master (We're guided by the Master) Defender of the Fate Ordained to be Great

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] But you teeth and tongue gonna let you down Reward for your words shall be profound Oh screw all you want (Oh frown all you want) But go loo and drown Mi slew you like Goliath with a stone from mi crown (I slew you like Goliath with a stone from my crown) Not even the dog that pisseth on the wall of Babylon Shall escape in this time So words to the wise choose the right side And don't be hindered by you foolish pride I say no weapon formed against I and I shall prosper (prosper) So tell Mr. Force ripe and mawga dog (So tell Mr. Force ripe and skinny dog) Disrespect and face disaster

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] But I man denied concoctions you brew You cyaan gi mi spliff weh mi neva see yuh slew (You can't give me weed that I didn't see you slew) You cyaah gi mi stew not even cashews (You can't give me stew, not even cashews) Some a seh mi parro (Some say I'm paranoid) Some a seh a narrow views (Some say it's narrow views) But I can't forget what Adolf did the jews And what his friends did to the Tuff Gong too All in the name of suppressing the truth But I absolute Mi dem can't pollute (Me they can't pollute)

(Repeat Chorus)

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