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Money Pree

by Nu Lymitz

Money Pree lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yow, Money a di motive (Yo! money is the motive) Well, di adda day I check di self (Well, the other day I checked myself) Ghetto yute nah pree crime (Ghetto youths are not thinking about crime) Ghetto yute a pree di money sign (Ghetto youths are watching the money sign) Prince Villa Nu Lymitz duh di survey (Nu Lymitz did the survey) Come bak wid di ansa (Came back with the answer) Dis ghetto people a ask fa (This is what ghetto youth asked for)

[Chorus] Mummy nuh fi liv inna nuh slum (Mummy must not live in the slum) Mi yute dem nuh fi tun inna nuh slum (My youths must not turn into slums) Money fi a run, wi nuh waah blood a run (Money must be coming in, we don't want to see blood running) Watch yuself inna di street, too much yute dead young (Watch yourself in the street, too much youths are dying young) Money man a pree, man a (x3) (I'm seeking money, I'm) Tiad fi si di ghetto yutes hungry (Tired of seeing the ghetto youths being hungry)

[Verse 1] Every ghetto yute cyaah bi di same (Every ghetto youth can't be the same) But di wul a wi feel di same way (But all of us feel the same way) And di wul a wi hav di same pain (And all of us have the same pain ) Nuh money man a pree (I'm seeking money) Tru mi tell unuh fi duh mi sum'n enuh (Because I told you to do something) Not a rain fi a fall, suh wi know (No rain is falling, so we know) Wi nuh waah not a traffic fi tap di flow (We don't want any traffic to stop the flow) A money man a pree (it's money that I'm seeking) Ghetto yute must hav millions of millions (Ghetto youths must have millions of millions) Weh mi mean? Money like sand, money like sand (What do I mean? Money like sand, money like sand) Till eh cyaah wul inna wi van (Until it can't hold in our van) Trailer wi use an a carry it guh a bank (Trailers are what we use to carry it to the bank) Badmind aguh get sick a dis, don't it (Envious people are going to get sick of this) Wen wi buy mama house on di hill (When we buy mama a house on the hill) Nuff a dem hav up funny practice (A lot of them have funny practices) Like seh de wah stop eh success (As if they want to stop our success) But

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Money man a pree like sand inna di hour glass (I'm seeking money like the sand in the hour glass) Every hour pass, money fi a summersault (Every hour passes, money must be summersaulting) Bai ?? mi a cum across (A lot of ?? I'm coming across) Di cow get trang like juggernaut (The cow got strong like juggernaut) Buy stocks every price taxs (Bought stocks, every price is taxed) Bai Europe inna di ice box (A lot of European dollars in the ice box) Poverty a fight, wi a fight back (Poverty is fighting, we're fighting back) Money mek bai gyal a play inna mi white locks (Money made a lot of girls play in my white locks) Unuh sing dis "Every ghetto yute waah rich" (You all sing this "Every ghetto youth wants to be rich") If anuh salt fish, gwaan wid unu saltness (If it's not salt fish, go away with your bad luck) Move an gweh wid yuh dutty crassis (Go away with your dirty problems) Weh yuh deh wen mi a push cart inna market (Where were you when I was pushing carts in the market) Now look inna di scheme, every juvenile clean (Now look in the scheme, every juvenile is clean) PV a wi team, money man a mek (PV is our team, money I'm making) Sum bwoy still liv inna a dream (Some boys are still living in a dream)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Dis yah wanna, put eh pan a banner (This one here, put it on a banner) Not a uptown imitator, real ghetto banger Resonate to the ghetto youths and ghetto mama Cum a road every day and hunt fi di dinna (Come out every day and hunt for the dinner) Man a real, mama prouda (I'm real, mama's proud) Wen mi role out inna di Range Rover (When I role out in the Range Rover) Taniseha, Aliesha wah gi mi numba, (Taniseha and Aliesha want to give me there number) Seh dem wah link up wid me likkle later (Said they want to meet up with me later ) Pocket full a paipa, everything greater (Pocket filled with paper, everything's greater) Money start run nuff nuff like wata (Money has started to run like water) No more pahpa, suh mi affi laugh sah (No more pauper, so I have to laugh) Money man a pree, everything leff fi laata (I'm seeking money, everything's left for later)

(Repeat Chorus)

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