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My Dream

by Nesbeth

My Dream lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Mek mi start dah one yah (Let me start this one) Like how Martin Luther King Woulda start it (Would of started it)

[Verse 1] My Dream,My Dream My Dream, My Dream,My Dream ,My Dream Tell you My Dream is to live My Dream Hail di most high inna mi sleep wen mi si him (Hail the most high in my sleep when I see him) Tell you my goal ,my goal ,my goal All of my goal is to reach my goal Live a happy life put it pan mi head stone (Live a happy life, put it on my head stone ) Nobody nuh fi cry ova mi dead ... (No one should cry over my dead…)

[Chorus] Look at mi now (Look at me now) Weh dem treat mi less than good (That they treated me less than good) Put mi inna box like a rectangle, ( Placed me in a box like a rectangle, ) Oh oh look at mi now (Oh oh look at me now) Oh look at mi now Oh look at mi now And mi a tell you (And I tell you) My life weh dem use to go round mi (My life when they used to go around me) Go round (Go around) No one use to cum round mi (No one used to come around me) My life was so lonely look at mi now (Look at me now) look at mi now look at mi now

[Verse 2] Mi a tek plane like J.U.T.C (I’m taking planes like thet’re J.U.T.C.) When you see me it’s on TV Shows after shows after shows after shows Tours after tours after tours after tours Wen mi name call it’s like (When my name call it’s like) Roars after roars Sweet melodies encores after cores Dem lock a one door (They locked a single door) Mi buss doors after doors after doors (I burst down doors after doors after doors ) after doors after doors

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Jah blessing just a flow ova (The lord’s blessing is just flowing over) Dis yah cup yah (This cup here) An a cova jah jah soldier (And is covering the lord’s soldier) From board house to side walk to leather sofa Dem seh mi living like di Cosa Notra (They say I’m living like the Cosa Notra) No sah (No Sir) Mi nuh mix up inna coke (I don’t get mixed up in coke) Marijuana nuh dust to da nose yah (Marijuana, no dust to this nose) Oil nuh powder not a obeah (Oil, no powder, not a obeah) Can’t get ova (Can’t get over) Oh no

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 4] Mi a thank God fi mi blessing (I’m thaking God for my blessings) Now mi can afford to give back to sum a di same people dem (Now I can afford to give back to some of the same people) Weh use to seh tings (That used to say things) All who use to seh him nah buss him cah buss (All who used to say he’s not “bussing”, he can’t “buss”) Dem same one a tek bus (They are the same one taking a bus) Cum a mi stage show fi call up dem (Come at my stage show for me to call them up) But mi still call up dem (But I’m still not calling them up) Buss dem but can’t trust dem (“Buss” them, but can’t trust them) Si dem but mi nah touch dem (See them, but I’m not touching them) Nuh hate dem but mi cyaah luv dem (Don’t hate them but I can’t love them) From trench town a next star rise again

(Repeat Chorus)

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