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My Girl Remix

by Chip

My Girl Remix lyrics with English Translations

[Intro: Chip & Red Rat] Oh no, di gyal dem waah party (Oh no, the girls want to party) Suh yuh know mi affi start it (So you know I have to start it) Champagne she a sippy (A weh di gyal dem waah?) (Champagne is what she's sipping (What do the girls want?)) Stefflon Don, Alkaline, Red Rat and Chippy (A right deh suh it deh) (Stefflon Don, Alkaline, Red Rat and Chippy (That's where it's at)) Oh no

[Verse 1 – Stefflon Don] Yuh waah **k but mi nuh waah f**k (You want to f**k but I don't want to f**k) Mi waah money inna pocket fi run mi head wild (I want money in my pocket to run my head wild) But me wud a neva tek buddy fi a stack or a (But I would never take d*ck for a stack or a ) Business class fly straight to Dubai Dis p**sy haffi quint pan d*ck (This p**sy has to grip the d*ck) But Steffi nuh wah nuh man a seh di p***sy get lick (But Steffi doesn't want any man saying the p**sy has to be licked) Mi will tek any gyal man and tell har to sit back down (I will take any girl's man and then will tell her to sit back down) And tek note, dem bwoy yah waan do mi (And take note, these boys want to do me) But mi waan big man mi nuh waah nuh juvi (But I want a big man, I don't a juvenile) Dat too small, none a dem cyaah use mi (That's too small, none of them can use me) On ??? if a bwoy try feel like him can fool mi (On ??? if a boy thinks he can fool me) Dem luv wen mi wine and mi back it up (They love when I wine and I back it up) Real yaad gyal pan eh sum'n wen him tab it up (Real Jamaican girl on the thing when he stabs it up) Face pretty eva clean wen mi mash it up (Face's pretty, always clean when I destroy it) Wifey, side gyal fi tan up inna back… (Wifey, side girl should stay in the back)

[Chorus – Chip] My girl, my girl come tru (My girl, my girl come through) Me waah di suh'um and you waah f*ck too (I want the thing and you want f**k) Yuh nuh luv me and me nuh luv you (You don't love me and I don't love you) Fun wi a deal wid, gyal come tru (Fun is what we're dealing with, girl come through) My girl, my girl come tru (My girl, my girl come through) Me waah di suh'um and you waah f*ck too (I want the thing and you want f**k) Yuh nuh luv me and me nuh luv you (You don't love me and I don't love you) A fun wi a deal wid, gyal come tru (Fun is what we're dealing with, girl come through)

[Verse 2: Alkaline] Fat punany pretty like Ashanti (Fat p**sy, pretty like Ashanti) An every man a try get har outta di parti (And every man is trying to get her out of the party) Hanky panky di sista, di aunty (Hanky panky, the sister, the aunty) Caw mi nuh prejudice mi luv a gyal from shi raunchy (Because I'm not prejudice, I love a girl as long as she's raunchy) Round up, call up yuh pro ones, cum act like a you (Round up, call up your pro ones, come and act like you) Mek wi drink and go out, duh wah big people duh (Let us drink and go out, do what big people do) Mi nah luk nuh wife, yuh nah luk nuh boo (I'm not looking a wife, you are not looking for a boo) Mek wi drink and guh up and duh wah big people duh (Let us drink and go up and do what big people do) From mi si yuh mi know yuh have a heart (From I saw you I know you have heart) Admire how you walk and ?? Fi get dah body deh a dat a mi goal (To get that body, that is my goal) Luk like yuh know how fi handle di pole (Looks like you know how to handle the pole) Yuh si you, my girl, who yuh feel yuh a con, how yuh full a trick suh, lawd jeesam (You, my girl, who do you think you're conning, how come you're full of so much tricks, lord Jesus) Girl, body set right, no wrong bang, posi..posi.. position

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3: Chip] Mi wud ah shame (I would be shamed) Tek weh im gyal and im leff inna pain (Mad) (Took away his girl and left him in pain) P**sy bwoy now, a trow dirt pon mi name (P**sy boy, now throwing dirt on my name) Ayy bwoy, why yuh waah gi man bad name (Hey boy, why do you want to give me a bad name) Oh no When there’s bare gyal ah road, call dat easy street (Ya) (When there's a lot of girls on the street, call that easy street) Chatty-patty boys, call them cheesy beef I don’t f*ck with you, so don’t speak to me On my Cardi B shit Yo, yo Unu a mad mi (You all are driving me crazy) 5 gyal a squeeze in the back a taxi (Skrrt) (5 girls squeezing in the back of a taxi) Penthouse suite si dem view yah mad mi (Penthouse suite, see, these views drives me crazy) Man dem are strait nah yuh can't relax wi (The guys are strait, no, you can't relax us) Wavy, Max B, couple gyal waah trap mi (Mhm) (Wavy, Max B, couple girls eant to trap me) Male groupies can’t stand (Nah) Tek weh yuhself, you ain't part of the gang (Move) (Remove yourself, you ain't part of the gang (Move)) Di wul a dem gyal deh fi jump inna cab (All of the girls are jumping in the cab) Cah di wul a dem gyal waah flex wid the fam (Because all of the girls want to flex with the family)

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 4: Red Rat] Mi would a shame (I would be shamed) Di girl call him a coo (The girls call him a coo) A big man she waah (It's a big man that she wants) She nuh waah nuh likkle yout’ (She doesn't want a little boy) If she nah tell yuh, mek mi tell di truth (If she's not telling you, let me tell you the truth) Ah me she want, yuh nuh si how me cute? (It's me that she want, don't you see how I'm cute) Suh all a dem girl deh a fi mi, yuh zimmi (So all of those girls there are mine, do you hear?) Mi ask anyone, dem a gimmie (Anyone I ask, they give me) Luk 'ow she a jiggle and a twirl and a spin it (Look how she's jiggling, and twirling and spinning it) Yuh know from me baan any gyal mi guh afta mi win eh (You know, from I was born, any girl I went after I won it) Mek sure yuh can bubble and wine ‘pon the d*ck (Make sure you can bubble and wine on the d*ck) Nuh struggle when you climb ‘pon the d*ck (Don't struggle when you climb on the d*ck) Girl spend time ‘pon d*ck (Girl spend time on the dick) Even doah it t'ick (Even though it's thick) Be my superstar Girl shine pon the d*ck And wine like a clock girl Tick, tick, mi a bwoy mek yuh p*ssy start drip, drip (Tick, tick, I'm a boy that makes your p**sy drip, drip) Girl ride like a jockey Tek whip, whip (Take whip, whip) Oh no

[Repeat Chorus]

[Outro: Red Rat] Suh ear mi nuh my girl, yuh si becaw you is a fly girl (So listen to me my girl, you see, because you are a fly girl) Doah bi shy girl, just cum inna my world (Don't be a shy girl, just come into my world) Ah Double R and Chippy Oh No

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