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Nuh Friend Fire

(No freindly fire)
by Mavado

Nuh Friend Fire lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Mobay, Ambrook lane Dem cyaah diss mi nuh day White hall, Red Hills Road, Georges Lane Big Yard Gully, guh fi dem Grands Pen

[Chorus] Don’t seh yuh lucky, yuh fi seh a praya Pussy, wen di K fyah Dem know seh di gullyside will kill dem and dem empire Anuh like seh dis is a fren fyah Kill dem fi real, mi nuh fren fyah Hey, mek dem run in memba my war hotta dan ten fyah

[Verse 1] Dem seh dem waah war and run in and run out back Brawlas soilders a sleep pan dem house top Instagram finga bwoy wid di most chat Nah kill a fyah and a dem have di most chat Di p**sy dem tek war fi circus Man a gad suh ah king couldn’t hurt us Di hammer slam the firing pin, dem guh put up white flag War nah stop till dem burn fuss Bout teach mi bloodclaat, dem fi learn fuss War god a tour doah mek mi turn bus Shub di nazzle tru di winda From anuh di kids man will kill dem fi purpose Gully side, now a chicken fi jerkuss Ball a fyah pan di flipping desert bus Di bwoy dem get rude, call mi name fi ah food Seh di brawlas eat dem desert fuss

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Gullyside, none a dem cyaah hurt mi Wi nuh show mercy A years now the gun dem nuh fyah suh di nazzle dem thirsty Claat it up, is a raas anniversary Di Gad back pan di land mama birth mi Fi kill yuh mi nuh need miracle, mi just reach di pinnacle Man higha dan di statue a liberty Left waah rifle blaze pan dem, mi nuh si nuh face pan dem Not a bad, yuh nuh si ah waste man dem Mobay, kill dem and tek weh dem place from dem Mi walk wid di zowpow and di Haitian dem Guyanese and di Bajan dem Wi nuh give a f**k if a space man dem Trinidad, rifle a bus nuh leff a space pan dem Bahamas a wait pan dem
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Intro)
(Repeat Chorus)

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