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by Anthony B

Police lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Do your work, do your duty! Yaga (x11) Yow (x5) Pass me sword and my dagger

[Chorus 1] Who want the dancehall fi stop? Police! (Who wants the dancehall to stop? Police!) Who nuh want fi si herbs ah shop? Police! (Who doesn’t want to see herbs in the shop? Police!) Who kill the yutes pon the block? Police! (Who’s killing the youths on the block? Police!) Them nuh want fi hear truth, much less facts (They don’t want to hear truth, much less the facts) Who want fi si hearse a drive? Police! (Who want to see hearses driving? Police!) Ah the easiest man fi bribe? Police! (Is the easiest man to bribe? Police!) Them nuh want fi si ghetto survive? Police! (They don’t want to see the ghetto survive? Police!) As we si them, ghetto youth haffi dive (As we see them, ghetto youths have to dive)

[Verse 1] A who have the legal long gun? (Who have the legal long guns?) Who ah murder the youths dem a Jamdown? (Who’s murdering the youths in Jamaica?) Who have innocent youths locked down? Ask the herb farmers who burn the herbs down From me a little youth me know (From I was a little youth I knew) Every man haffi go reap what them sow (Every man has to go and reap what they sow) A whole heap of innocent brains them blow (A lot of innocent brains they blow out) Whole heap a blood them flow (A lot of blood they make flow)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] I si dem everyday pon the highway (I see them every day on the highway) Roadblock dem have pon the freeway (Roadblock they have on the freeway) Si dem every night (See them every night) Nah duh nuh right (Not doing any right) Nuh ramp fi search yuh at the stop light (Don’t play to search you at the stop light) Inna the helicopter with dem spotlight (In the helicopter with their spotlight) That's why them lock off the light, want bear dark night (That's why they shut off the light, want a very dark night) Big foul play That the world ah say (That’s what the world is saying) Fi the murdering of Brethan weh day (For the murdering of Brethan the other day)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Me look and si: laws and order ah collapse (I’m looking and seeing law and order collapsing) So you haffi be careful or them caught you inna dem trap (So you have to be careful or they’ll catch you in the trap) Dem nah lock you up them a lick out your head back (They’re not locking you up, they are blowing out the back of your head) Seet deh, inna the city bagga dagga dark (There it is, in the city, a lot of darkness) The almshouse! Lootin' and shootin' must stop And that's why Anthony B ah bun the fire hot (And that's why Anthony B is burning the fire hot) Me call the youths dem from Jungle and Reema back (I’m calling the youths from Jungle and Reema back) The youths dem from Waterhouse the valley, we want you si (The youths from Waterhouse, the valley, we want you to see) Aye, Mama cry! oh why oh why oh why?

(Repeat Chorus)

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