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Pon Di Cocky

by Aidonia

Pon Di Cocky lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Girl you are di one, whoa mi baby (Girl you are the one, whoa my baby) Girl you are the one Di cocky tuff gyal ride mi sturdy john (The c**k's hard girl, ride my sturdy john) Back it up pon di don mi work fi long (Back it up on the don, I work for long) Yuh p**sy tight eeh? (Your p**sy's tight though) P**sy tight eeh? (P**sy's tight though) You p**sy tight eeh? (Your p**sy's tight though) Hole yah tight eeh (This hole's tight though ) You love it mi love it (You love it, I love it) When yuh ride mi, set it up nuh (When you ride me, set it up) Come Gyal! (Come girl!)

[Chorus] Tek yuh time pon di cocky darling (Take your time on the c**k darling) Siddung pon it nuh gyal (Sit down on it girl) Di cocky tuff it nah bend (The c**k's hard, it's not going to bend) Siddung pon di (x2) (Sit down on the) Siddung pon di cocky (Sit down on the c**k ) Siddung pon di (x2) (Sit down on the) Siddung pon di cocky (Sit down on the c**k) Gyal yuh p**sy good a mi one fi f**k you (Girl your p**sy's good, me alone should be f**king you) Gyal yuh body good a thats why mi love you (Girl, your body's good, that's why I love you) Siddung pon di (x2) (Sit down on the) Siddung pon di cocky (Sit down on the c**k ) Siddung pon di (x2) (Sit down on the) Siddung pon di cocky (Sit down on the c**k)

[Verse 1] Back it up fi mi tip pon yuh toe (Back it up for me, tip on your toe) Sexy nuh bloodclaat, strip for mi slow (Sexy as f**k, strip for me slow) Wine up yuh hip ride di d**k for mi so (Whine up your hip, ride the d**k for me so) Pretty pon di cocky pose double six domino (Pretty on the c**k, pose like double six dominoes) From you know fi bubble pon it sit pon it now (If you know how to bubble on it, sit on it now) Quint up you p**sy muscle grip for mi now (Squeeze your p**sy muscle, grip for me now) Yuh body pretty like a Hispanico (Your body's pretty like a Hispanico) Do this for mi nuh go-go twist pon di pole (Do this for me, go-go twist on the pole)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Siddung! Yuh body nuh dead like dung a Madden gyal siddung (Sit down! Your body's not dead like down at Madden, girl sit down) When di jockey deh inna di saddle gyal siddung (When the jockey's in the saddle girl sit-down) Dash it out like sand and likkle gravel (Throw it out like sand and a little gravel) Although yuh pretty ah nuh time fi yuh model (Although you're pretty, it's not time for you to be modeling) Suh siddung! Dash down yuh weight pon di chair (So sit down! Throw down your weight on the chair) If drop pon di ground skin scrape yuh nuh care (If drop on the ground, skin scraped, you don't care) Siddung! All when di ride get tuff (Sit down! Even when the ride gets tough) Bad gyal mi waah yea mi like them ruff (Bad girls I want, yeah, I like them rough) Just

(Repeat Chorus)

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