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Power Move

by Konshens

Power Move lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] My girl Yuh wah konshens and yuh wah Kartel Yuh a wah? Kontel sample this bitch

[Chorus: : Konshens] Wuleepa money and wuleepa gyal (x3) Boy diss, funereal, nuh hospital Wuleepa money and wuleepa gyal (x3)

[Verse 1: Vybz Kartel] Dem nuh si weh mi guh Some still a suffocate inna di dust Nuh matter how mi beat dem its neva enough Yaad people is really very tuff Hand grenade, one second delayed Dem a run run wi run di lane Still aim, shell dem dung di boss remain Mi been here, disappear in thin air And cum back, been there and done dat Is there a numba, we set di standard And defend di culcha, even if it is with gunshot People wil puncha Yuh betta prepare fi judgement We walk and thunda, immortal combat We laugh an buss dat Breeze off a clutch back Wi nah guh back dung Gravity f**k dat, f**k dat, f**k dat

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2: Sean Paul] SP luv fat sexy gyal Gi mi di docta an di cop sexy gyal Nuh waah nuh bruk body, nuh bruk body girl Gi mi di pearly white or di matt black girl Nuh gi mi nuh talk, mi will tek weh yuh girl Drop har off den ask who’s next pan di turf Si ah likkle browning a flex and a lurk Call har, mek har cum over cum twerk When mi talk, nutten bout it nuh funny Don’t talk to me if yuh nah talk money Bank account fi look bright and sunny All di thungs dem a link inna di tint up Sunny Don’t talk too hard or yuh woulda get bax dung Fram one a di hat head dem inna di back grung Stay deh, and deh deh a pree Fram mawning, bai money girls and we

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3: Konshens] Count up, Count up, Count up Gyal pan top a gyal, suh di place crowd up, Money nuff, billy cyaah fold up Gangsta nuh fold money, every coil roil up Which p**sy waah get dem head bore up Cum a tuff face and a long mouth up Wi links dem talk, win uh run mouth up Suh wi kill dem soft, wi ting nuh loud up Cho, wi nuh cyare weh yu cum fram Coulda a par with 50,000 gunman Diss Sherlock Brook Valley, Riverton Man will leave yuh body inna dump land Suh wah, gi mi fat p**sy Susan Mi have two pack acondom weh new brand Wi nuh pose wid gyal If yuh si Dre Day wid yuh woman Yuh know di damn conclusion

(Repeat Chorus)

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