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Pretty Girl Team

by Alkaline

Pretty Girl Team lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Any pon any gyal, many pon many (Any on any girl, many on many) Suh wi dweet when the boss out (boss out) (That's how we do it when the boss is out) Eva hav a heater pon mi (Always have a heater on me) Something creep pon mi, that a pass out (Something creeps up on me, that's passing out) Gyal, yuh eva look neat, ever flass out (fresh) (Girl, you always look neat, always hot) Hot inna your two piece with your ass out (Hot in your two piece with your ass out) Any pon any gyal, many pon many (Any on any girl, many on many)

[Chorus] Pretty girl with a body weh would a mad anybody (Pretty girl with a body that would drive any one crazy) Yow, mi did haffi put her pon mi team (Yow, I had to put her on the team) Gi her some c**ky first time, tun habit (Gave her some d**k for the first time, it turned into a habit) Rest a history, if yuh know what I mean (Rest is history, if you know what I mean) Mi seh hey pretty girl, what yuh doing out there (I said, "Hey pretty girl, what are you doing out there") Seh she hurting a love an' now she don't care (Said she's hurting for love and now she don't care) Pretty girl with a body weh would a mad anybody (Pretty girl with a body that would drive anyone crazy) Suh mi tek her of a the scene (So I took her off of the scene)

[Verse 1] Bare ganja a bun roun her, everybody high, no drama (A lot of ganja's is smoking around her, everybody's high, no drama) She come round and see fi herself (She came around and saw it for herself) Seh we duh whatever the f**k weh we wanna (I say we do whatever the f**k that we wanna) Mi seh yuh nuh ready, she seh, "no sah" (I said, "Are you ready", she said "no sir") Si the likka just a kick yuh, now a torture (The liquor is just affecting you, now it's torture) Haffi tek weh that because a she a scorcher (Had to take away that because she's a scorcher) An mek she bounce pon the c**k an' bruk it off a (And made her bounce on the c**k an break it off ) Baby, yuh a dancer (Baby, you're a dancer) Yuh look suh innocent mi wouldn't think yuh gwaan suh (You look so innocent, I wouldn't think you acted like that) After mi show her di egg plant (After I showed her the egg plant) She grab it up an push it down inna her tonsil (She grab it up and push it down on her tonsil) Yuh pretty an' yuh elegant (You're pretty and you're elegant) Nuh nuff up yourself, but yuh ever relevant (Don't put yourself on display, but your always relevant) All natural, nothing nuh enhance (All natural, nothing is enhanced) And when yuh go cover it, it evident (And when you cover it, it's evident) Baby

[Pre-Chorus] Man cheat, but woman cheat too We f**k around, we trust the wrong people If man a wicked then, woman a evil (If men are wicked then, women are evil) Call a spade a spade, two a wi evil (Call a spade a spade, two of us evil) Pretty gyal nuh settle for typical (Pretty girls don't settle for typical) Gi mi all a yuh love, mi gi yuh reciprocal (Give me all of your love, I'll give you reciprocal) Pon di fone mi gi yuh di lyrical (On the phone I give you the lyrical) Buck yuh inna person, mi gi yuh the physical (See you in person, I give you the physical)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] I'mma tek yuh out, I'mma break yuh out (I'm going to take you out, I'm going to break you out) I'mma let yuh know what I'm thinking (I'm going to let you know what I'm thinking) Take away all the doubt, what yuh worrying about (Take away all the doubt, what are you worrying about?) Cum mek wi mek a toast, to long living (Come let us make a toast to long living) Nobody can stop we from linking (No one can stop us from meeting) We've passed the iceberg, we're not sinking Just gi mi your support, wanna make yuh proud (Just give me your support, want to make you proud) Gotta let you know how I'm feeling

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Intro)

[Outro] Put her pon the team (Put her on the team) Know what I mean

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