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by Konshens

React lyrics with English Translations

[Bridge] When you feel it moving in you and you get delighted When you said you take it easy and you didn't want to party You just can't deny the feeling, it's taking over your body And you not watching no body Just that music in your body Cause you to

[Chorus] React When you feel that beat drop Whine up yuh body gyal (Whine up your body girl) React, wen yuh push dat ting back (React, when you push that thing back) Oo, she staring to react As a DJ pull dat (As the DJ plays that) She getting horny and Her body is calling and she gonna want me to React

[Verse 1] Gyal a bruk out, bruk out (Girls are breaking out, breaking out) And a gwaan bad but a jus suh dem react (And behaving bad but that's just how they react) Dancehall and a beat and Afrobeats mek di gyal react (Dancehall and a beat and Afrobeats makes the girls react) Every man to a gyal, gyal to a man (Every man to a girl, girl to a man) Ah suh mi program ting (That's how I program my thing) React, any violation, rise up di ting dem (React, any violation, rise up the things) Gangtas will react When every gyal a whine, I nah tell nuh lie (When every girl is whining, I'm not telling any lies) Dat me luv si (That's what I love to see) You representing fi di man dem (You're representing for the men) But a di gyal dem boy, dat mi luv bi (But the girls' boy, that's what I love to be) Alcohol buss up inna gyal head top (Girls have gotten drunk) Music a play and every gyal a bend back (Music is playing and every girl is bending over ) I get dem, nah mek dem drop (I got them, not making them fall) I love to see when dem a (I love to see when they're)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Any gyal ready now, ready up (Any girl that's ready now, ready up) C**k up yuh body fi di wuk (Hoist up your body for the work) When mi seh bend back, set it up (When I say bend over, set it up) When mi seh bend dung, yuh fi duck (When I say bend down, you must duck) Gyal yuh body hot like fyah (Girl, your body's hot like fire) When yuh whine, yuh tun it up higher (When you whine, you turn it up higher) Every man luv yuh, every gyal luv yuh, everybody luv it (Every man loves you, every girl loves you, everybody loves it)

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)

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