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Real Rich

by Tanto Black

Real Rich lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] What's my first name Real What's my last name Rich What's all of name Real Rich Instagram!! Hot enuh (Hot you know) Check out my Marble floor Check out my front door Look at my cars Rich Real Rich Mi hot enuh (I’m hot you know)

[Verse 1] Anyweh mi go di girls dem love Tanto (Anywhere I go the girls love Tanto) Whether the Benz or the Jaguar or the Volvo Gimmi di money fast mek mi get it pronto (Give me the money fast so I can get it pronto) Mi a di rich boss nuff a dem a prento (I’m the rich boss, a lot of them are prento) Suh, nuh call mi phone if a nuh long distance (So, don’t call my phone if it’s not long distance) If a nuh money yuh nuh get no response (If it’s not money, you’re not going to get a response) Mi car dem need maintenace (My cars need maintenance) Everybody weh say rich (Everyone that says rich) Give mi the rich dance (Give me the rich dance)

[Chorus] Rich richrichrichrichrich real rich Rich richrichrichrichrich soon rich Rich richrichrichrichrich real rich Rich richrichrichrichrich tananamay

[Verse 2] Leff from twitter and mi gone a insta (Left from twitter and now I’m at instagram) Couple more year mi a di prime minsta (Couple more years, I’m the prime minster) Yuh nuh know Tanto ask yuh sista (You don’t know Tanto, ask your sister) She jump inna di volvo and left the Vista (She jump in the Volvo and left the Vista) Give dem the rich walk (Give them the rich walk) Give dem the rich talk ( Give them the rich talk) Look pon mi teet it white like a chalk (Look on my teeth, it’s white as chalk) See mi inna di benz mi have two more park (See me in the benz, I have two more cereal) Tananamay it buss a New York (Tananamay, it’s hot at New York)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] My first name Real Last name Rich Come from the ghetto and yuh know mi nah switch (Came from the ghetto and you know I’m not switching) Every gal love mi but every gal minuh kiss (Every girl loves me but every girl I don’t kiss) Mi a score goal every time mi nuh miss (I score goals every time I don’t miss) Check out my fridge never empty yet (Check out my fridge, it’s never empty) Swear say mi dead dem lose dem bet (Sworn I was dead, they lost their bet) Check out my sock, look pon mi bracelet (Check out my socks, look on my bracelet ) Tananamay baby madda nah fret ( Tananamay baby mother is not fretting)

(Repeat Chorus x2) [Outro] Hahahahaha It sweet mi (It sweets me) Big up mi pickney dem (Big up my children) Twitwi, likkletwi twitter and tweet dem (Twitwi, little twitter and tweets) And di one inna belly name real real rich (And one in the belly name is real real rich) Richhhhhhh! Wi hot enuh (We’re hot you know)

(Repeat Chorus)

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