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Round Corna

(Around Corner)
by Vybz Kartel

Round Corna lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Bumboclaat (F**k) Dawg how him seh him bad (Dog, how come he said he was bad) And is a gyal kill him (Yet it’s a girl that killed him) When will they learn Them cyaah win (They can’t win) Gaza run di ting (Gaza runs the thing)

[Verse 1] Big Yard Gun shot inna face (Gun shots in the face) A suh the AK blast (That’s how the AK blast) Suh the Gaad head tear off (That’s how the God head tore off) Bai stray dawg have yuh brain fi breakfast (A lot of stray dogs have your brain for breakfast) Too hasie haad (Too hard of hearing) Hold dis inna yuh ears part (Hold this in your ears part) A Addy run Gaza dung a fifth phase (It’s Addy that runs Gaza at fifth phase) Not even a badwud cyaa cuss inna mi place (Not even a curse word can be curse in my place) If mi nuh gi nuh permission weh the f**k unno think (If I don’t give the permission, what the f**k do you all think) Mi mek the gully bwoi run leff Cassava Piece (Make the gully boy run left Cassava Piece) A suh the likkle fish fast (The little fish is very fast)

[Chorus] Dem shot ya guh round corna (These gun shots go around corners) Run up inna yuh yaad (Run in your home) Tun yuh head inna disaster (Turn your head into a disaster) Yuh dead inna di yard back (Your dead in the back off your yard) Fat shot bun him up (Fat shots burnt him up) Like mi leff mi cellie pon the charger (Like I left my cellphone on the charger) Kill him wid di likkle blind bwoi (Kill him with the little blind boy) One inna di likkle blind bwoi eyeball (One in the little blind boy eye) Blood inna yuh yeye now (Blood is in your eye now) Big Yard, White Hall Nyam bwoi food white squall fly gone (Eat boy food, white squall fly gone)

[Verse 2] Every rifle uppa Jakes Road (Every rifle up at Jakes Road) Lock off the street fi mi kill the priest (Shut off the street so I can kill the priest) Dem a seh “Teach him a try run weh gaah airport” (They are saying “Teacher, he’s trying to run to the airport”) Rockfort, nutten cyaah pass the lane mouth (Rockfort, nothing can pass the lane’s mouth) KFC, naah cook and a bare smoke (KFC is not cooking but there is a lot of smoke) Flour Mill vacate, Cement stay close As mi powder out dis bwoi face (As I powder out this boy’s face) A cowboy forward wid bout hundred plainclothes (A cowboy came with about hundred plain clothes) Hillside Melbrook beat the sea coast Nine Mile, Bull Bay reach a beach road (Nine Mile, Bull Bay reach at beach road) Pines, gi mi couple clip mek mi reload (Pines, give me a couple of clips so I can reload) Nuh detour, boom! Portmore mi reach home (No detour, boom! Portmore I’ve arrived home) A bare gyal a wait (A lot of girls are waiting)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro) Well dis is Vybz Kartel and mi hav a message fi di skool yute dem (Well this is Vybz Kartel and I have a message for the school youths) Yuh si dis badness ting yah, it nuh worth it, hear? (Do you see this badness thing? It’s not worth it, do you hear?) Stay inna skool and get an education yute (Stay in school and get an education youth) Just tek my foolish advice (Just take my foolish advice) Dem ting yah a jus dead house, and jail house and (These things are just dead house and jail house and) Crasiss pan yuh and yuh family and (Misery on you and your family and) People weh yuh luv and dem ting deh, yuh hear dat? (People that you love and those things, do you hear that?) Yuh nuh hav nutten fi prove to nuh man (You don’t have to prove anything to no man) Just wul yuh composure, stay in a skool, duh yuh work (Just hold your composure, stay in school, do your work) Mek yuh parents proud, yuh hear dat (Make your parents proud, do you hear that?) And memba this, nuh matta how yuh poor and how yuh feel like nutten naw gwaan (And remember this, no matter how you are poor and how you feel like nothing is going on) Yuh life special, yuh hear? (Your life is special, do you hear that?) Memba mi tell yuh dat (Remember that I told you that)

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