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Rude Bwoy Thing

(Rude Boy Thing)
by Busy Signal

Rude Bwoy Thing lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Rude bwoy, rude bwoy (Rude boy, rude boy) Hot head, Rude bwoy (rude boy)

[Verse 1] Rude bwoy ting (Rude boy thing) Spliff inna mi mouth, gyal deh pah mi ends (Blunt is in my mouth, girls are at my spot) Man a rock di darkest lens, rude bwoy ting (I’m rocking the darkest lens, rude boy thing) Nuh matta how it haad man a wul out (No matter how hard it is. I’m holding on) Nah sellout none ah mi frenz (Not selling out none of my friends) Rude bwoy ting (Rude boy thing) Wen mi step a road haad (When I’m stepping hard on the streets) Cyaah violate di real dawg (Can’t violate the real dog) Cologne smell sweet, gyal a rush mi (Cologne smells sweet, girls are rushing me) Mek di money bring it cum a yaad (Make the money, bring it come home)

[Chorus] Man a hustle in di street fi di dolla (I’m hustling in the street for the dollar) Papaz, every day we a lead wi nuh falla (Papers, every day we are leading, we don’t follow) Tell di hataz (Tell the haters) Tower Hill nah sellout, plain land nah sellout (Tower Hill is not selling out, plain land is not selling out) Gangtaz, 33 lane nah sellout (Gangster, 33 lane is not selling out ) Real thugs nah sellout (Real thugs are not selling out)

[Verse 2] Seh mi nuh care oomuch gun dem have (I don’t care how much guns they have) Nuh bwoy cyaah style mi, mi nuh care how dem bad (x3) (No boy can play me, I don’t care how bad they are) Mckoy lane guh to Mirey Ave (From Mckoy lane to Mirey Ave) Yuh cyaah style Ratbat nuh care yuh bad (You can’t play Ratbat, don’t care how bad you are) Yuh cyaah style Reema nuh care yuh bad (You can’t play Reema, don’t care how bad you are) Cyaah style up Clarendon nuh care how yuh bad (Can’t play Clarendon, don’t care how bad you are) Busy

[Verse 3] Touch di road, clean Clarks (Hit the streets, clean Clarks) Mesh marina, si di bimma speed pass (Fish net tank tops, the bmw has sped pass) A nuh Rodney dis, but mi deal wid road real cross (This is not Rodney, but I deal with the road real cross) Wul a medz with sum real deep thoughts (Hold a meditation with some real deep thoughts) Don’t throw nuh stone if yuh house a real glass (Don’t throw stones if your house is a real glass) Tall mongrel dawg nyam yuh food like a damn breakfast (Tall mongrel dog eat your food like a damn breakfast)

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus x2)

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