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Stray Dog

by Popcaan

Stray Dog lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] (Henging Tree) (Hanging Tree) We sen' dem home (We sent them home) Bwoy dead like stray dog (Boy has died like a stray dog) Member inna di graveyard (Remember in the graveyard)

[Verse 1] Bwoy, yuh a punk, a yuh throat mi a guh slash (Boy, you're a punk, It's your throat that I'm going to slash) P**sy weh yuh know 'bout buzz Gaza ash (P**sy, what do you know about Gaza) M1 rifle strap on 'pon me back (M1 strapped on my back) Crack yuh skull like calabash (Cracked your skull like a calabash) P**sy have yuh ever knock it inna traffic (P**sy, have you ever fired in traffic) Have yuh ever buss a man throat with a hatchet (Have you ever cut a man's throat with a hatchet) Yuh nuh know nutt'n bout badness, watch it (You don't know anything badness, get out of here) Mac 90 guh deal with yuh crabbit (Mac 90 is going to deal with you viciously ) Seh dem a badman, a liar dem (Say they're a gangster, they're liars) Man show yuh rifle, yuh never fyah dem (Someone showed you a rifle, you've never fired them) A could a who a hire dem (Who could hire them) Marcus mek we wire dem (Marcus, let us wire them)

[Chorus] Guh suck your mother, dawg (Go suck your mother, dog) Yuh nuh bad like Unruly (You're not as bad as Unruly) Di zig triangle broad (The zig triangle is broad) Shot a play inna your head like Loodie (Bullets are playing in your head like Ludo) I am so f**king Unruly Nuh likkle wanna be don cyaan fool me (No little wanna be don can't fool me) Suck your mother, dawg (Suck your mother, dog) Yuh nuh bad like Unruly (You're not bad as Unruly)

[Verse 2] Use di Uzi and guh shell dem endz (Use the Uzi and shell down their base) Dem a try jump fence, me corell dem Benz (They're trying to the fence, I corell their Benz) Likkle jackass nuh hav nuh f**king sense (Little jackass doesn't have any f**king sense) Fully auto squeeze inna yuh contact lens (Fully auto squeeze in your contact lens) Dash weh dem body fi dem stink and renk (Throw away their body so they can stink) Bwoy live inna cement, a nuh accident (Boy live in the cement, it's not an accident) Nuh care oo much bloodclaat gun dem bring (Don't care how much f**king gun they bring) Man will kill dem inna any event (I'll kill them in any event)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Buss di AK with me right hand (Buss the AK with my right hand) Big matic shoob out a di van (Big automatic is pointing out of the van) Any bwoy weh a claim dem a don (Any boy that's claiming they're a don) Coppa mek yuh kin look like Yellow Man (Copper makes your skin look like Yellow Man) So me lift up every gun weh mi have fi guh kill dem slowly (So I lift up every gun that I have to go and kill them slowly) Mi si di likkle priest dem a mek talk (I see the little priest them talking) And dem still don't know me (And they still don't know me) P**sy, yuh nuh bad like Rihanna (P**sy, you're not as bad as Rihanna) Shot will play inna your head like piano (Bullets will play in your head like a piano) Me and your badness could a neva similar (Me and your badness could never be similar) Your friend dem guh dead from di K weh me gi Miller (Your friends are going to die from the AK that I gave Miller)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] woah yoah, wicked (Wicked) Yeh man, dem nuh bad like Unruly (Yeah man, they're not as bad as Unruly) Yuh fava a ediat (You look like an idiot) Haha, yuh know, woah yoah (Haha, you know) Who eva violate, dem guh a di f**king henging tree (Who violates, they're going to the f**king hanging tree) Gyalas, outta bumboclaat yallas Wah, killi kill dem crazy

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