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Where Were You

by Jahmiel

Where Were You lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] It's like everybody you say hi and bye to Feel like dem a day one (Feels like they're day one) Tru mi nuh remember dem (Because I don't remember them) Dem a seh mi change (They are saying that I've change) Tell dem mi a the same man (Tell them I'm the same man)

[Chorus] Do you remember me? No I don't Where were you when my mama hungry? (Where were you when my mama was hungry?) My youth, yeah Do you remember me? Mi nuh recall (Do you remember me? I don't recall) None a dem never mek a call (None of them ever made a call) Till dem get a call (Until they got a call) Man a rise and nuh fall, yeah (I'm rising and not falling, yeah)

[Verse 1] So, it's clear a usa dem (So, it's clear they're users) When you win, dem waan' you lose again (When you win, they want you to lose again) Jahmiel is a youth weh naw shoot at dem (Jahmiel is a youth that's not shooting at them) Instead mi get paper and use a pen (Instead I get a paper and use a pen) Yeah, mi write some songs weh hurt dem feelings (Yeah, I write some songs that hurt their feelings) You only see dem 'pon Thursday evening (You only see them on Thursday evenings) The day before Friday So it look like dem deh yah before my pay (So it seems like they were here before my pay)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Oh, dem never believe in a mi (Oh, they never believe in me) Till belief become the reality (Until belief became the reality) Dem seh artist, seh you a the baddest (They said artist, you are the baddest) Can you get a visa fi mi (Can you get a visa for me) Wah bout mi family weh been (What about my family that's been) Through the trials and tribulations wid mi? (Through the trials and tribulations with me?) Wah bout mi friends dem weh stay in a the streets (What about my friends that stayed in the streets) Just fi mek selector play mi? (Just to make Djs play my songs)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Oh, oh, oh, oh Jah never stop open me eyes fi me (God never stop opening my eyes for me) All nuff a dem a tek plastic smile gi me (A lot of them are giving me plastic smiles) And me know who dem nuh really wah see me rise, you see (And I know they really don't want to see me rise, you see) But as long as dem can use you, a dat dem like fi see (But as long as they can use you, that's what they liking see) Do you remember me? No I don't, no I don't

(Repeat Chorus)

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