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Yu Zimme

by Stylo G

Yu Zimme lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Laying to di side like Ding Dong Chain dem a swing like swing song (ouff) Yuh light skin girlfriend like mi Even though mi black like King Kong Shi like every picture pan mi Ingram Suh right a way shi a sing song Mi tell har fi call mi a yaadie A me put di "G" inna Ingram Limited space fi di man dem Wuleepa space fi di gyal dem Bottles alone suh put yuh cups down If a table dog, a straight shut down
Stylo mek yuh whine up yuh bady gyal Bumboclaat, whine up yuh body gyal Yuh nah fi aks wen yuh si Wen yuh si mi, every gyal yuh si mi wid a fi mi

[Chorus] Yu Zimme, Hey Yu Zimme, Hey Yu Zimme, yow, every gyal yuh si wid a fi mi Yu Zimme, every gyal yuh si mi wid a fi mi (x3) Yu Zimme, yuh nah fi aks wen yuh si

[Verse 2] My girl a my girl and your girl a mine Sit down and kick back and wait till your time You keep on trying, you wasting your time Stylo, a wah duh dem fool yah A bai bad man inna dah room yah Hey DJ, pull up dem tune yah Watch how mi luk sick inna mi puma Hey, mi nuh naahmal king Anything mi wear anuh normal ting Yow, big up mi English fren dem But tonight is a yaad man ting Shi fallah, fallah, shi search an shi find Shi tell mi seh tonight shi gonna bi mine Mi grab har and wul har an f**k up har mind Shi wah mi pull up and rewind When mi hav Kiesha, Letesha, Sherefa, Tereka Di wul a dem deh pan mi line Kim all a ask mi if Stefany fine Any gyal yuh si mi wid dawg a mine

(Repeat Chorus)

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