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Bulletproof Skin

by Busta Rhymes

Bulletproof Skin lyrics with English Translations

[Intro: Busta Rhymes] But this time we pull out the ratchet We bursting Skillibeng Pull up if you want could give a f**k about your name This sh*t is stealing like the gangster get the tucking in your chain Jello a rupture when they cut you in the brain We run up in the club Despite the structure it’s the same And f**k the building up and me and only Skilli is to blame
[Chorus: Skillibeng] New thing whip With bulletproof skin New thing new choppa With the hundred round clip New sh*t corvette with the butterfly wings Head shell out Boy dead From yuh f**k around wi
[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes] Whole heap a henny wi a spit out Every enemy fi get out Eyeball kick out Shot fly till every likkle boy try skip out Shot in a yuh stomach Bloody diarrhea Dem a sh*t out Everything start flip out Di way di gyal a skin out Bay c**ky wi a give out Nuff a dem fraud and try copy weh wi live out Skilli Him vanish wen di chopper dem a ring out Yuh si di bullet dem a dig out Every likkle piece a yuh flesh Wen di copper dem a fling out Look ya It nuh matter how wi dopper wen mi spin out Could neva imagine all a di blacka wi a bring out
(Repeat Chorus: Skillibeng)

[Verse 2: Skillibeng] f**k wen I reach Boy p**sy face full up wid Crocodile teeth Mi a shub a Kay Inna boy head a crime scene and mi run di place Dem a run round it like wheel Glock 43 Aguh mek a boy bleed A baby dem in a car seat Mi wave di tech nothing like sea Mek e place bloody like meat Choppa run town A choppa run town Gotta have a buss down Mi a real gun man Wi a not a gun clown From yuh frig round top killer Shotta buss clown Mek a head shell Mek a head shell Mi wi mek a head shell From a boy ramp wid mi wi meadowrest dem None a Eastside runna dem neva breathless
(Repeat Chorus: Skillibeng)

[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes] Anytime di p**sy dem step inside a di place And wen wi pull up every single exit lock off No matter how dem a try and a disrespect di thing Mek sure yuh know seh every single gun a pop off Betta have yuh mannaz Mek sure yuh put dung yuh camera Yes wi duh it different Till the very end And if yuh have a problem unuh fi guh suck yuh madda And a kartel and kill yuh ova skillibeng
[Verse 4: Skillibeng] Gun lift up and shift up dem tissue Boy missing Rifle buss and kidd yuh Wen yuh hear mi seh mi guh wid a big Beretta pon a mission Boy rap up a nuh fiction Shot a spin like a propella And nuh fist up wid nuh nigga Life wi tek a nuh picture shot a buss anywhere mi si yuh From yuh diss busta mi kill yuh Yea mi gun a whistle
(Repeat Chorus: Skillibeng)

[Outro: Skillibeng] Nuh get mi out mek mi head chip out Mi wi send fi yuh mi send fi yuh Mek eh killy dem kill yuh Skilli wicked and viscious Whap whap whap whap

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"Bulletproof Skin" Song Info

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