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by Chronic Law

Dark lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yow Fightageen (Nuhbaddi nuh know) If anuh life a death enuh (If it’s not life it’s death)
[Verse 1] Man dark like wen light cut off (Man is dark like when light cuts off) Di hamma head anuh shark (The hammerhead isn’t shark) Mi nuh si di pool (I don’t see the pool) But mi si smaddy a chuck off (But I saw someone chucked off) Anuh button di four four buss off (The four four don’t burst button)
[Verse 2] Dem seh dem evil don’t it? (They say they’re evil right?) Mi kill dem an’ reason bout it (I kill them and reason about it) (Yeah, yeah,yeah) Gun inna palm (Gun in palm) Mi nuh leave without it (I don’t leave without it) A weh dem kno bou’ dis (What do they know about this?)
[Chorus] Seh dem a killa (Said they’re killers) Nuhbaddi nuh kno bout dat (Nobody knows about that) Bakkle boom pull dung (Bottle boom pull down) Di board house flat (The board house flat) Mi find bwoy anyweh (I find boy anywhere) Dem run guh (They run to ) Mebojean buck him a Portmore shop (Menojean bucked him at Portmore shop) Face full up man couldn’t count shot (Face fill up man couldn’t count shots) Place boom up wi evil (Place’s boom up, we’re evil) Wi dooh wack (We aren’t wack) Face full up man couldn’t count shot Place boom up wi evil (Place’s boom up we are evil) Wi dooh wack (We aren’t wack)
[Verse 2] Hmmmvvm Clip tall Rifle dem sweet (Rifles sweet) An’ jus pull up a plastic lik (And jus pull up a plastic like) Mintball A police dem a link hard (They’re linking police hard) Fling ball Bwoy lay flat lik SIM card (Boy laid flat like SIM card) Nuh care a which inspecta involve (Don’t care which inspector involved) Broad daylight wi a march (Broad daylight we are marching) Wid e six span (With the six span) Naa play nuh riddim (Not playing any riddim) But e mek him dance (But it made him dance) Ajibounce lik Bling daawg (Ajibounce like Bling dog) Head buss all wen bwoy (Head burst even when boy is) Ring gyaad (Ring guard) Bran’ new spinnas mi get from (Brand new spinnas I got from) Spring Garden Mi naah grin daawg (I’m not smiling dog) Yuh chest plate (Your chest plate) Nuh tuff lik rims daawg (Isn’t tough like rims dogs) Anuh game lik pinball (It isn’t game like pinball)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Alright Link mi in fi di (Link me in for the) Springfiel’ link broadah (Spring field link broader) Dan windshield’ (Than windshield) Diss dem diss Chronic and lock off (They dissed Chronic and locked off) Lik big screen AR15 wi use lock off di scheme (AR15 we use to lock off the scheme) (Yo) A more dan seven shot di six geem (More than seven shot the six gave him)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Verse 2)

[Outro] Yuh kno di root a di gross enu (You know the root of the gross) Night time again Yuh zeet? (You understand?) A wi seh dark (We say dark) Nuh joke (No joke) Six real Six, six Yow Kareem (Yo Kareem) Yuh kno enuh (You know) Six real out here Y chop Six

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