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Fight Over Man

by Spice

Fight Over Man lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Scaan dem! (Scorn them!) Ah wah unnu hear bout? (x3) (It’s what y’all hear about? (x3) Tell ah gal seh (Tell a girl that)
[Chorus] Mi ah girl mi nuh fight ova man (I’m a girl I don’t fight over man) From mi lickel bit ah jus’ suh mii tan (From I’m little bit it’s just so I stay) Dis yah gal only wan gi him one (This girl just only want give him one) Afta dat him tun fool (After that he turns fool) Cauz him jus’ get di bomb (Cause he just get the bomb) Tight p**sy gal nuh fight ova man (Tight p**sy girl don’t fight over man) An’ everybaddi kno seh we ah name brand (And everybody know that we are name brand) Wen mi ah wine mi give di wickedess slam (When I’m whining I give the wickedest slam) Suh mi sorry fi di gal dem out deh (So I’m sorry for the girls out there) Weh na nuh clam (That has no clam)
[Verse1] Buddy fi broke, mi luv mi f**k (Buddy should break, I love my f**k) Yes ah me dat (Yes it’s me that) Gal fread ah di d**k, (Girl afraid of the d**k) But ah wah dis she ah idiot (But what is this she’s a idiot) Mi put it on (I put it on) An’ send him home and tell him go pree dat (And send him home and tell him go med that) Him fi kno seh mi no regula (Him should know I’m not regular) Cauz mi ah old g-rat (Cause I’m a old g-rat) How yuh ah hawt gal an’ ah fight ova Tealy (How you are a hot girl and fighting over Tealy) Di man ah request (The man is requesting) Because dem luv wen mi wheel it (Because they love when I wheel it) Yuh mussi tink mi mad (You must think I’m mad) Fi come ah fight over Nealy (To come fight over Nealy) Weh a dead ova mi p**sy (That’s dying over my p**sy) From di first time him feel it Frye (From the first time he feels it Frye) (Ay)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Mi kno fi do mi ting, (I know to do my thing,) Mi kno fi gage and pace it (I know to gage and pace it) Big d**k deh but some woman ah waste it (Big d**k there but some woman is wasting it) Gal ah whine fast like ah race it (Girl is whining fast like a race it) Mi put it on propa, him seh do mek mi taste it (I put it on proper, he said do make me taste it) Mi nah nuh time fi come ah war wit Susan (I have no time to come war with Susan) Shi ah fight fi man (She’s fighting for man) Cause him ah gi her eh two grand (Cause he’s giving her the two grand) Whole leap a millionaire deh yah (Whole lot of millionaires here) Fi pick an’ choose from (To pick and choose from) An’ mi kno mi keep mi p**sy tight like a Clam (And I know I keep my p**sy tight like a Clam)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Di man jus ah dead ova mi natural beauty (The man just dying over my natural beauty) Dem look pan mi tattoo, (They look on my tattoo,) Hear him nuh wats up cutie (Hear him now what’s up cutie) Him kno seh miz ah gal (He knows that I’m a girl) Weh kno mi bedroom beauty (That knows my bedroom) Inna mi lingerie dung ah mi knee high bootie (In my lingerie down at my knee high bootie) Dah gal deh na no man (That girl has noilx man) Becauz shi shootie shootie (Because she's shootie shootie) All if shi ah pay him, (All of she’s paying him,) Him nuh wan di fruitie (He don’t want the fruitie) Di whole ah dem ah dead (Whole of them are dying) Ova mi name brand p**sy (Over my name brand p**sy) Cauz mi born inna Channel (Cause I was born in Channel) An’ christing inna Gucci (And christening in Gucci)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

[Chorus: Fade out]

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