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by Skillibeng

Graffiti lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yeah mon Brrrpppp Brrrpppp
[Verse 1] Boy face bust Tall mini K when di dawgs dem out! Ask quiz Yuh nh want test us Tall thing but wi short tempo Boy diss him affi dead Mi gun have bullet all chip inna di head Bomboclaat Mi sick inna mi head fool dis wi him affi bury
[Chorus] Walk down and beat it, graffiti markup him face And make blood run like sprinting Blood sprinting, mi mek di K ah whole a note like singing Brrrppp inna brain til di f**ka pissing AK inna face it a buss a riddim (Bam bam bam bam) Brain nuh have nuh gravity Uno pass uno place every gun have to lift Shoulda change uno ways uno provocative Gun a breeze when it spray
[Verse 2] Brain bust wen mi K spray out Yo TG, yo RayTown Fear no clown, earphone inna ears now Bullet inna ears hole, bare hole Know couple alien Annuh jupiter wi deh find anywhere yuh deh p**sy haffi dead, Guh inna mi hand yeah di bullet have di lead Face gone What a funeral yuh get
[Verse 3] Clip tall, roll wid a gun big like jigsaw Mi ah clap di six pans from sixth form Been ah handle di K like Bin Laden Uno want war?! Mi clip pack up hang bullet inna head With the tip hollow Yeah, open a face nuh think ah door Yeah, bullet wi a spray nuh think a hose
[Bridge] Full up the clip, Full up the tank Give some boy bullet fi nyam p**sy we bad must be forgot uno manners Uno guh duh fi dat (dat) Mi carry mi gun everywhere like a Louis Vuitton Bag Yeah, tell dem mi gun never too far From people fi dead Wi ah move fast Yo will dead inna yuh bed like bumbox Dead!
[Verse 4] Yeah! Boy face burst, tall mini K Wen di dawgs dem out Ask quiz, yuh nuh want test us Tall thing but wi short tempo Boy diss him affi dead Mi gun have bullet and chip inna di head Bomboclaat mi sick inna mi head Fool diss wi him haffi bury

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