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by Shane O

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[Intro] Dem diss mi nuff Jah keep mi up Emotions It beat mi up.. Countreehype! Ye
[Pre-Chorus] Regula dem diss mi An’ mi tek with a smile and play blind tuh it People easy fi change Only ting nuh change a wah deh pon dem ID (Pon dem ID)
[Chorus] Wen mi aguh learn Fi stop sorry fi people and put mi self first Wen mi aguh learn Fi stop sorry fi some people Some people Wen mi aguh learn Fi stop smile wid who nuh like mi And mi know mi nuh fi mek mi back turn Wen mi aguh learn Fi stop sorry fi some people Some people
[Verse 1] Thousands gave hundreds [?] Dat’s how dark mi is Gi dem a heart mi ribs A suh mi [?] fi live All a wi couldn’ learn even though di class it big Mi play fool fi catch wise Dat’s how smart mi is Always a mek dem pickney eat an’ a put off mi kids Ask dem a who catch dem wen dem jump off di bridge Mi naah lie dem people yah past wicked Heart pon a rocket sent it off Yuh si o’ far it is
[Bridge] Mi need a college fi guh Caah mi fail di class more dan once Mi gi dem hundred percent Wid zero balance It neva did mek nuh sense mi gi dem weh mi ave A fassy di wull a dem Same crab inna bag
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Mi forgive dem Pull dem back in It look f**k up fi leave Den mi tell dem straight up tuh dem face Dem f**k up fi real As mi heart cut up it heal Pray tuh God an’ dirty up mi kneesHim seh fi harden mi heart Right now mi f**k up mi meal Yuh cyaah even blame mi Dem betray mi all di pain weh mi feel Di pressure di steam mek dem cut lef di ting Mi neva born as a twin People issa helleva thing Anyweh di hype deh A deh dem switch a deh dem guh swing
(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

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