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Mines & Einsteins

by Vybz Kartel

Mines & Einsteins lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Glendevon From we wake we need [?] Puff it in di breeze, [?] wid these trees Grabba leaf release di bees [?] Like fifty disease but it sweet nuh cheese-ezz Dat a [?] anuh [?] We nuh need pills like American kids Yes, it is what it is I’m just keeping it realz A di weed mi need stills Grabba spliff in mi jeans, we nuh ease di weed seeds
[Chorus] A di [?] release mek mi Queen fi dese [?] Like Christopher Reeves, we a fly di high line Higher dan two IQ, mine’s and Einsteins A di [?] release mek mi Queen fi d?se [?] Like Christopher Reev?s, we a fly di high line Higher dan two IQ, mine’s and Einsteins
[Verse 2] When mi done wid ‘e grabba, divorce juana, marijuana Get it? Divorce, marry, whatever My third eye open like iPhone camera when di Weed beat ina mi head like [?] Nuh import weed, no, hire more farmers Weh di f**k? We need billionaires like di Carters Sandy Bay chop e line so hard, one yute affi walk wid twenty four chargers
(Repeat Chorus (x2)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus (x2)

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"Mines & Einsteins" Song Info

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