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by Koffee

Pressure lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Ooh, yeah Neva give up (Never give up ) Ooh, yeah Neva, give in (Never give in )

[Chorus] Unda the pressure, unda the pressure, yeah (Under the pressure, under the pressure) Unda the pressure, unda the pressure (Under the pressure, under the pressure) If yuh poor, trouble tek you (If your poor, trouble takes you) Wen yuh rich it nuh settle (When your rich it isn't settled) 'Cause we all under pressure, my friend (Because we are all under pressure, my friend ) Sometimes wen yuh feel it yuh cry doh (Sometimes when you feel it you cry though) Hurt yuh heart enuh (Hurt your heart) But do, nuh mek it stress yuh (But don't let it stress you) Caah it haffi be better (Cause it have to get better ) Nuh haffi live inna the ghetto (Don't have to live in the ghetto) Fi be unda the pressure, my friend, yeah (To be under pressure, my friend, yeah)

[Verse 1] Lord have mercy Dis cya get no worse (This cannot get worse) Haffi call it a curse (Have to call it a curse) How me heart it a hurt mi (How my hurt is hurting) Call it cerasee (Call it a cerasee) Because from mi birth (Because from birth) A the first me a feel like the Father desert me (It's the first I've ever felt like the Father have desert me) But, hmm, all when di pressure erupt (But, hmm, all when the pressure erupt) Mi never give up (I never gave up) No, no, no mi never give in (No, no,no I never gave in) Mi a send up a prayer fi fi better living (I'm sending up a prayer for better life) I cya bawl so a betta me sing (I can't cry so it's better I sing)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Yuh nuh haffi be di one (You don't have to be the one) Wah beg the old man (That ask for things from the old man) A likkle sumn from him pumpkin farm, yeah (Something small from his pumpkin fa, yeah) Or di lady wah a hustle in di streets (Or the lady that is hustling in the streets) Just fi give her baby something warm (Just to give her baby something that is warm) Becaah yuh pocket coulda deep (Because your pocket could have be deep) Have a nice pretty vehicle And all kinda visa (And all type of visas) So life shoulda sweet yuh (So your life should be sweet) But I coulda teach yuh (But I could have teach you) Hard times woulda reach yuh (Hard times would reach you) And the storm a nuh something calm! (And the storm is not something calm)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge] It serious (Serious) Lawd, times rough and it serious (Serious) (Lord, time is rough and it is serious) Life is a little mysterious (Life is kind of mysterious) Have we pot and we can’t even stir it up, oh no! (Got our pot and we can't even stir it, oh no!) A cyaah wait fi morning come (I can't wait until morning comes) Oh gosh, di night too long (Oh gosh, the night is too long) Oh gosh, di fighting too long (Oh gosh, the fighting too long) A cyaah wait fi see the sun (I cannot wait to see the sun)

(Repeat Chorus)

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