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by Koffee

Throne lyrics with English Translations

[Chorus] Woah Now Mi deh pon di go now (I'm on the go now) Tell dem watch it inna traffic (Tell them to pay attention in the traffic) Koffee nuh slow down (Koffee doesn't slow down) Inna mi zone, Alto to Baritone (In my zone, Alto to Baritone) Soon dem a guh si seh is a queen deh pon di throne (Soon they're going to see that it's a queen on the throne)

[Verse 1] Mi nuh waste time wid di music (I don't waste time with the music) In yuh haize like any cutip (In your ears like any cutip) Use to facetime wid di blue (Used to facetime with the blue) stil reggae baseline ,mek mi lose it (Still reggae makes me lose it) A nuh monopoly (It's not monopoly) Walshy bill eh riddim, put da song ya pon eh (Walshy build the rhythm, put this song on it) Now dem all up on mi, seh dem badda dan mi (Now they're all up on me, saying their badder than me) Suh mi kill dem and study dem anatomy (So I kill them and study their anatomy) Dem nuh undastand mi (They don't understand me) But dem… (But they) Seh dem loving di flow now (Say they loving the flow now) Wen dem si mi all ova di media (When they see me all over the media) And dem hear mi deh pon Wikipedia (And they heard I'm on Wikipedia) Use to faas, now mi all a get speedia (Used to be fast, now I've even gotten speedier) I a born storm, fyah cyah calm (I'm a storm from birth, fire can't be calmed) Shotta dan a coppa, what a bam bam (Shot like a copper, what a bam bam) Tell Jenella, Cinderella, John, Tom Seh a praya, get a choir on sound (Say a prayer, get a choir on sound)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Warning them, 5 star seh wi warning dem! (5 star, we're warning them) Inna nite, inna mawning (In the night, in the morning) Jah cova wi like a awning den (God cover us like an awning then) March out and we storm in And one people wi forming, caw di disparity alarming (And we're forming one people, because the disparity is alarming) Regarding di place wah wi born in, woie! (Regarding the place that we're are born in, woie!) Folks nuh wah fi hear a next shot (Folks don't want to hear a next shot) Radda Koffe tear a next track (Rather hear Koffee tearing up a next track) Give it to them like a crusade, Tell dem wi deh pon a new wave (Tell them we're on a new wave) Unuh nuh si nutten yet tho, mi cum wid di fyah, get low! (You all haven't seen anything yet though, I come with the fire, get low) Lyrics put yuh very welfare pon di death row (Lyrics put your very welfare on the death row) pon eh wet floor (On the wet floor)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Check, check, check, new day Betta put di koffe pon yuh checklist (Better put Koffee on your checklist) Nobody did expect dis (No one expected this) Now dem watching me, watching me like Netflix (Now they're watching me, watching me like Netflix) Nah leave dem inna silence (Not leaving them in silence) Dem a wait pon me fi bring di vibes (They're waiting on me to bring the vibes) Jamaican people, leave the violence Cyah read, well read between the lines (Can't read, well read between the lines) Well mi hear seh di gun dem pile a Bay (Well I heard at the guns are stocked up at Bay) And dem have dem inna wide array (And they have them in a wide array) How dem reach Spanish Town and all Mobay (How did they arrived in Spanish Town and Montego Bay) Have dem all a spray while a child a play (Firing them even while a child is playing) Tell some police da effort deh nah guh work (Tell some of the police that the effort is not going to work) Protect di peace and lowe di dawta skirt (Protect the peace and leave the daughter skirt) Needlessly display dem armor, den a drape mi brother (Needlessly displaying their armor, then draping my brother) Bwoy drape yuh father shirt! (Boy drape your father shirt!)

(Repeat Chorus)

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