American artist Iniko is back with an exciting twist on her viral hit, "Jericho." Known for her catchy melodies and lyrics, Iniko's decision to infuse Dancehall vibes into her chart-topper adds a whole new dimension to the track.


Dancehall, rooted in Jamaica, brings a rhythmic energy that's infectious and makes you move. Iniko's remix shows her creative versatility and willingness to explore new genres, making the familiar feel brand new. "Jericho (LMR Pro Dancehall Mix)" is a refreshing fusion of sounds, perfect for music lovers seeking a unique, toe-tapping experience.

This remix is not just about crossing musical boundaries; it's about the universal joy that music can bring. Whether you're a Dancehall enthusiast, an Iniko fan, or simply looking for a fresh take on a hit, don't miss "Jericho (LMR Pro Dancehall Mix)" on your favorite streaming platform. It's a testament to Iniko's musical journey and her ability to deliver an unforgettable sound.