Rvssian, the renowned producer behind some of dancehall's hottest tracks, has taken a unique approach to promoting his latest riddim, "Payment Plan Riddim." Rather than sticking to conventional methods, he's delved into the world of comedy with a short film featuring himself alongside a star-studded cast of artists.


Starring alongside Rvssian are a lineup of talented artists including RajahWild, Jada Kingdom, Kraff, Najeeriii, The 9ine, Moyann, Brysco,NigyBoy and comedian Swizz Lee.

Photo of Producer Rvssian

The film not only serves as a promotional tool for the Payment Plan Riddim but also highlights Rvssian's versatility as a creative force in the entertainment industry. The actors have made an entertaining piece of content that is sure to captivate audiences and leave them eagerly anticipating more from this talented group of artists.


Rvssian's short comedy film is a must-watch for fans of dancehall music and comedy alike. And we are all here for the new music that is on the way!