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21 Psalm

by Mavado

21 Psalm lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yea Lord Please don’t leave me now Please don’t Please don’t Please don’t I want freedom Freedom Caah hold mi down No more Caah hold mi down no more They got me for a long time Lord please don’t leave me now (Please don’t x2) Lord please don’t
[Verse 1] Man born fi dis born fi dis Si di food and mi gaan for it Mi 21 Psalms nuh miss Man born for it Wen yuh bless and look pleasant Dem wah yuh fi guh through depression Bruk life neva feel right
[Chorus] A jus di good life Now everybaddi wah live di good life Ohohohooooh Good life Good life Tell worst life Goodbye Ahahahahahhhhhhhhh
[Verse 2] I been dreaming from di start suh mi put in di work Till di ting tek off Strap everyweh becaaw di street nuh soft Dem full a mind game dem wi kill yuh wifd craft Mi nuh trust nuhbaddi Don’t affi pay inna blood from dem touch di family Straight Man just a dream of big tings Big truck wid di big rims House big till yuh cah si di ceiling Rich life dat seem suh appealing is a feeling Style tuff suh mi f**k dem b*tch Suh it guh wen yuh bad and rich Still young and wi wah have fun Dem gyal a lay dung
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge] Mi nuh know bout you but mi know bout mi My son in a prison waan fi bi free And I wanna focus on my life Wake up make money and do it again
(Repeat Chorus)

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