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3T (To The Top)

by Skeng

3T (To The Top) lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Mi ratha walk wid faith and mi gun inna mi waist tuh mi grave Nun a dem cyaah block dis ya aim Bulls eye seven days a di week a di same Man a hustler mi set a example mi great disappear den mi back Dem nu realy waan di act Dem a set trap but mi skip dat Wi call eh shot Ratty Gang till mi drop till mi bone dem crack till mi bruck up and f**k up None a wi nuh luk back
[Chorus] A tuh di top couple years well man hot RG wi lef a spot dat stain nuh duh mi dat Raise eh [?] wid mi son and ave eh Glock inna mi lap Anything a badda mi mi duh di maths and murda dat A tuh di top couple years well man hot Mount a Beast man a drop dark eh dark a corna shop Alla mi fren Bimma out a Ratty killa dat Mi mada pot still a bubble everyday shi lift pot
[Verse 2] Yow a dat gwaan But mi naah medz dem live inna di past tense Yuh nuh si mi laughing Colder than di morning never sky larking Catch yuh pon di board yuh nuh mi deal wid it brawling Some a dem a drop form bou dem inna top form Kill dem inna Track Star Ratty gang mad dawg Dou get eh star killa dem a knock fast Deven affi lift a straw lifestyle a rockstar
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] f**k di f**ka dem a Ratty Gang a set di trend Mi nuh affi hype mi nuh affi boast mi walk di walk mi fren Mi fren dem a War Head nuh duh di talk again Pop it off and murda dem buss dem up and cut mi fren A newbie dem a gun bag mi full dem a gunshot Lighten and thunda fi idiot weh love chat Fly back di clutch back mek dem mek dem comfort Suh mi duh di maths and minus some
(Repeat Chorus)

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"3T (To The Top)" Song Info

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