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Affi mek it out

by Jah Vinci

Affi mek it out lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] My my my, oh yeah Keno 4 Star, oh Clear movements, Cassava Piece
[Verse 1] More time me ah wonder if Jah nuh like me To how life ah fight, me haffi touch road nightly Wish me coulda stay home wit' mi daughter deh beside me But circumstances she cyaan' see me when me grimy And to how me grow, me neva born fi sell out So me accept di truth, having no food fi di mouth Keen and you know man ah tell you 'bout When man ah rough up road inna di one pair ah shoes Me haffi mek it out
[Chorus] Please don't give up on yourself have faith in your dreams And you haffi believe it, oh Anyting you want inna life use every muscle and fight Because we haffi achieve Man haffi mek it out, yeah woii Man haffi mek it out, yeah wah Man haffi mek it out, yeah (yeah) Man haffi mek it out, yeah
[Verse 2] Jayla, yuh daddy ah nuh failure Haffi touch di road, ah so di money mek, di paper That's why me waan' you understand dem days 'ya When daddy miss di school fee, you haffi wait for Birthday come you get something fi celebrate for Pretty bounce-a-bounce fi watch you smile and cut yuh cake Kiss you tell you, "Later", because it ah go greater Haffi touch di road ah yuh college weh him ah save for But him ah say
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge] Yutes don't give up pon yuhself no time, no day, yeah Cassava Piece know weh me ah talk 'bout, oh yeah Hear me nuh Big Yard, Kent Drive, Hungry Town, Jah Lane Me ah tell you seh
(Repeat Chorus x2)

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