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Against The World

by Prince Swanny

Against The World lyrics with English Translations

[Bridge] Shi seh shi want a man to really mek shi happy, (She said she want a man to really make her happy,) Shi nuh want tuh love anybody like everybody, (She don’t want to love anybody like everyday,) She been tru hell inna di past, I can tell a story (She been through hell in the past, I can tell a story) Suh shi naffi give it eais fily tuh any c**ky (So she don’t have to give it to any d**k)
[Verse 1] Gyal, (Girl,) Mi understand, mi understand suh here’s di plan (I understand, I understand so here’s the plan) Mi an’ yuh together wi can mek alot of bands (Me and you together we can make a lot of bands) Di viis fion weh mi get is yuh, mi an’ sum millions (The viis fion I get is you, me and some millions) Listen up, Yuh got di mind suh yuh fi know mi got di guts (You got the mind so you should know I got the guts) Mi an’ yuh against di world, it’s our time so let’s f**k it up (Me and you against the world, it’s our time so let’s f**k it up) Know we have di mind set like di kite suh dem can’t hold wi back (Know we have the mindset like the kite so they can’t hold us back) Every step wi affi step, mi mek dem next step dangerous (Every step we have to step, I make their next step dangerous) Teach yuh about di trade and wi jus invest in di stocks (Teach you about the trade and we just invest in the stocks) Babe forget about di hate, jus mek wi live and mek di cash (Babe forget about the hate, just make us live and make the cash) Mi nuh is fi nuhbaddi else jus only yuh done tell yuh dat (I don’t see for nobody else just only you already tell you that)
[Chorus] Telling yuh dis again (Telling you this again) My c**ky is fi yuh ooo (My d**k is for you ooo) My c**ky is fi yuh ooo (My d**k is for you ooo) My c**ky is fi yuh ooo (My d**k is for you ooo) Shi whisper in my ear now (She whisper in my ear now) This p**sy is fi yuh ooo (This p**sy is for you ooo) My p**sy is fi yuh ooo (My p**sy is for you ooo) This p**sy is fi yuh ooo (This p**sy is for you ooo)
[Verse 2] Suh mi setup pon di dresser (That’s how I setup on the dresser) Ask shi bout di tings a weh shi want suh mi will get her (Ask her about the things that she want so I will get her) Jus tek uh time baby no pressure (Just take your time baby no pressure) Sweet jus like di honey fi mih voice, shi a di nectar (Sweet just like the honey for my voice, she’s the nectar) p**sy right dat’s how mi know di God dem affi bless her (Piussy right that’s how I know the Gods have to bless her) Beat it every night den mi a apply all di pressure (Beat it every night than I apply all the pressure) From mi walk inna yuh life, is like mi find di treasure (If I walk in your life, is like I find the treasure) Pretty likkle face mi affi choke it wen mi stretch her (Pretty little face I have to choke it when I stretch her) If mi get lock up, shi a di type tuh (If I get lock up, she’s the type to) Send di letter an’ shi nuh fraid tuh post di bail (Send the letter and she not afraid to post the bail) Cuh shi bank account is fix figure, know shi f**king with a winner (Look at her bank account is fix figure, know she’s f**king with a winner) Anything a mine mi give her (Anything is mine I give her) Because if yuh check inna book everything shi duh she’s a keeper (Because if you check in book everything she do she’s a keeper)
[Pre-Chorus] Shi keep it like a G, (She keep it like a G,) Like a G How shi keep it, (How she keep it,) How shi keep it, (How she keep it,) Shi keep it like a Z… (She keep it like a Z…) Everytime wi a f**k yuh know shi bawl (Everytime we’re f**king you know she cry) Shi love di c**ky (She love the d**k)
(Repeat Chorus)

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