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All The Girls

by Jahmiel

All The Girls lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yuh a mi joy and mi inspiration (Your my joy and my inspiration) Yea, yea mmm Yuh zimmi (Okay?)

[Verse 1] Yea, dah luv yah set a way becaah di day (Yea, this love stays some kind of way because the day) Just start and gurl yuh mek mi day (Just began and you made it) Mi have yuh inna mi heart (I have you in my heart) An’ it will neva fade (And it will not fade) Caah mi see yuh pon mi worse (Cause I see you on my worse) An’ mi betta days (And better days) Suh mi wi neva stray (So I will not stray) Mek mi tell yuh sumn else (Let me tell you something else) Yuh body good enuh gurl (Your body is good girl) Nuh need nuh’n else (Don’t need anything else) Yuh a di light a mi worl (You are the light of my world) An gurl it evident (And girl it is evident) Jah Jah mek yuh fi me, (Jah Jah made you for me) yuh body heaven sent (Your body is heaven sent) Watch it mek shi represent (Excuse, let her represent)

[Chorus] All di gurls weh nah sell out u man (All the girls that won’t switch) Mi numba one dah luv yah strong (My number one, this love is strong) Yeh, dah luv yah strong (Yes, this love is strong) Mi numba one (My number one) Cah she loyal (Because she is loyal) An' she luv mi an' mi luv har (And she loves me and I love her) Mi baby (My baby) All de gurls weh nah sell out u man (All the girls that won’t sell out their men) Mi numba one, yeh (My number one, yeah)

[Verse 2] Yeh mi buy yuh anything (Yes I will buy you anything) Yuh Want (You want) A Christian Dior (Christian Dior) Yuh put u foot inna (You put your feet in) Shi in luv wid e G (She is in love with the G) Nuh waan' nuh more letter (Don’t want any more letters) Haffi wife up she (Have to treat her like a wife) Caah she a go getta (Because she is a go getter) Sum gurl nuh know betta (Some girls don’t know better) Baby gurl u got di glue (Baby girl you got the glue) Anu fi everybaddi (It’s not for everybody) Dats y mi stick tuh yuh (That’s why I stick to you) Mi seh yuh move likka qween, (I said you act like a queen) She seh mi kingly too (She said I’m kingly too) An’ a tru u different dats (And it’s because you’re different that is) Y I'm in to yuh, yes am so (Why I’m into you, yes I’m so) Into yuh (Into you)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Dem seh ur type nuh mek again (They said your type isn’t made again) But eva since yuh cum inna mi life (But ever since you came in my life) Di best happen (The best happen) Mi love wi chemistry baby (I love our chemistry baby) Dat a pressure dem (That is stressing them) Yuh naah nuh competition (You don’t have any competition) All yuh do a get a ten (But you’ve gotten a ten) Yeh shi a set a tren (Yes, she sets a trend) Yeh she clean an’ pure (Yes, she is clean and pure) An’ as days go by (And as days go by) I keep luving yuh more, yeah (I keep loving you more, yeah) If a real am sure dat she won't go (If this is real, I’m sure that she won’t leave) Dats y mi keep yuh close (That’s why I keep you close)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro) Yeah yeah yeah Yeah Mmm mmm Mi numba one, yeh (My number one, yeah) Haha

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